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On Knowing What Your Enemy Is Up To

1a) from ‘2,400 Mystery Prisoners Australia Wouldn’t Take Being Dumped In US, It’s Classified’ - Rick Wells - December 7/8
(Illegal aliens mostly from the Middle East and ‘stranded’ on a couple of South Pacific island nations being turned over to the US after a deal between SoS Kerry and Australia’s PM Malcolm Turnbull.  Don’t ask.)   

Stan // December 8, 2016 at 3:29 pm // Reply (December 7 PST)
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Please keep on this story, Rick. These arrogant bastards ruling the roost these days need to feel the heat from an aroused public – and we can only be aroused if we know what all they are up to.

1b) from ‘Pope Talks Poop - Alternative Media Fascinated by And Eating Excrement - Rick Wells - December 7/8
(“He said, 'I think the media have to be very clear, very transparent, and not fall into – no offence intended – the sickness of coprophilia, that is, always wanting to cover scandals, covering nasty things, even if they are true.' So because the subject matter is distasteful, the media should move on to something else and just pretend it isn’t happening. That worked great during the last molestation outbreak the Catholic Church tried to cover up, didn’t it, Pope…”)

Stan // December 8, 2016 at 3:49 pm // Reply (December 7 PST)
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This guy is talking crap . Maybe that’s part of why he’s fascinated with the subject.


Ah - but he’s talking NWO crap.  And that makes it of the coin of the realm, as it were.

And where and what does this sort of thinking lead to? To an update of the old Soviet Union, where nothing got printed except what the authorities wanted printed; and when the people began resorting to what was called samizdat publishing - newsletters circulating among the people, clandestinely published  - the state authorities countered by watermarking all paper produced, so that they could trace the source of the paper that the clandestine press was printed on, and thereby trace the purchaser.  And now here, in our day, TPTB are thinking to control the info that the people can access, by calling alt news ‘fake news,’ and getting it rebuffed by the players of record.  Thus freezing out the competition.  Sweet.  And ugly.  

Far uglier than the coprophilia that the Pope thinks the media of today is ‘fixated’ on.

As Mike Adams, of Natural News, has commented just recently:*

“The war on the internet

Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo News and other internet gatekeepers have declared war on the internet in an attempt to control and suppress information they don’t want you to see.

For years, nearly all independent media organizations — the only real “free press” in the western world — have been banned from Google News and Yahoo News. Now, Google is blacklisting independent media websites from its Adsense program as a tactic to deny revenues to websites that publish information the left-leaning Google high priests don’t want anyone to read.

Facebook, too, has announced a new strategy to highlight “hand-picked” news publishers such as CNN, MSNBC, NYT, Washington Post and others that knowingly, deliberately and maliciously fabricate fake news. In doing this, Facebook has decided to diminish and suppress independent media news websites, effectively driving their visibility into the margins of public consciousness.

Twitter, similarly, has already threatened to ban Donald Trump’s account if he gets out of line, and Yahoo News has systematically removed nearly all conservative news websites from its index, reinforcing the “liberal bubble” of delusional leftist news for its already deluded followers.

The aim of all this, of course, is to eliminate dissenting views altogether. It’s not about “winning” any debate; it’s about silencing those with whom the left-wing tech giants disagree. This demonstrates the extreme, belligerent intolerance of the radical left: They have no tolerance whatsoever for views, opinions or even scientific evidence that contradicts their own twisted beliefs (which are often rooted in delusional paranoia as we’ve recently seen with their “Russian conspiracy” freakout).

The war on the internet also involves turning over domain name authority to globalist info-dictators. President Obama recently pushed hard to surrender the domain name authority ICANN to international control, placing it under the iron fist of China’s communist leaders. This is all by design, of course: International bodies can seize domain names or shut down DNS for targeted websites, completely free from domestic legal action. If these internet tyrants wish to silence a website like, they simply fabricate any accusation they want, then cite that accusation to seize the domain name via ICANN. Suddenly, the entire website gets “memory holed” or replaced with whatever propaganda the globalists want to push.

The war on dissenting literature and news

Radical leftists and globalists don’t merely want to silence opposing websites and monopolize the news; they also want to eliminate “offensive” books and literature from society. This effort, of course, involves all sorts of book burning initiatives disguised as “inclusiveness” or “tolerance.”

Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn book has already been targeted for elimination from human history due to its historically authentic use of racial terminology. For similar reasons, the Kurt Vonnegut book To Kill a Mockingbird has also been targeted for removal from libraries. [N.B. Kurt Vonnegut was not the author of that work of fiction.  That was Harper Lee.]  The justification, as always, is that the book contains “offensive” content — a wishy-washy accusation rooted in astonishing ignorance… yet strongly upheld by the intolerant left as justification for burning whatever books they currently find “offensive.” (A slippery slope of totalitarian revisionist history if there ever was one…)

To get a sense of where all this is headed, watch the 2002 film Equilibrium, starring Christian Bale. The film paints a remarkably authentic picture of an intolerant, militant society banning art, literature, religion and even emotion. In essence, Equilibrium depicts what would happen if the radical leftist agenda of “safe spaces” were fast-forwarded another 20 years. In that dystopian future, collectors of art and literature are condemned as enemies of the state and executed on sight. (This is precisely how the radical left now views religious conservatives in America.)”

Where is all of this going?  Mike again:

Conclusion: The globalists’ war against humanity just shifted into high gear

Globalist bloodline researcher David Icke is fond of saying that even people who consider themselves to be “truth seekers” nevertheless have limits of what they are willing to embrace as truth. I’ve also found this to be quite true, and it is with that realization firmly in mind that I’m going to share with you the final end game of all this: It is the elimination of 90% of the human population.

Globalists don’t merely wish to control billions of sheeple, you see. They ultimately want to eliminate them. Totalitarian control is simply one tactic toward that final aim.

Right now, billions of people won’t yet be eliminated because autonomous robots can’t yet replace human labor. But that day is rapidly approaching, and the minute it arrives, the “great culling” will begin. Do you seriously think the globalists’ future needs low-wage, low-income, low-utility humans hanging around, consuming the planet’s resources and disrupting the globalists’ plans with ballot box votes that can’t be entirely manipulated? No, the future doesn’t need you at all. We are all expendable in the minds of the globalists.

Globalists hold deep hatred for humanity, you see. Because they despise humanity as a whole, they also hate the individual members of it. This is why they hold such animosity toward liberty, individual preparedness and self-reliance. It’s the common thread behind everything they oppose: Vaccine choice, home schooling, the Second Amendment, independent media, off-grid living and even scientific truth.

My final warning is that you are not really prepared for what’s coming until you realize the globalists have declared war on humanity. You, as a free-thinking individual, are the enemy of the globalists. They are working overtime to either control you or destroy you. There is no room in their long-term plans for any individual who thinks critically and questions the status quo. The only humans they are willing to tolerate are obedient workers… and even those only for another generation or so.

For now, they demand your obedience. Once they have it, they will demand your silence as the culling begins. Before long, they will demand your head. This is the plan they have already set into motion, and this plan of monumental genocide is being meticulously set up by Google, Facebook, the WashPost and truly evil destroyers of life like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and George Soros.

Until you realize this, you have no chance to overcome it. Only those willing to accept the full reality of the globalist assault on humanity have a shot at defeating that demonic agenda and halting the mass genocide planned for us all. The Holocaust of history is nothing compared to the Holocaust they have planned for humanity. In WWII, a reported six million Jews were exterminated. Multiply that by one thousand and you now have the scale of the next depopulation holocaust planned for us all: More than six BILLION people are scheduled to be exterminated.

And they surely don’t want those who are on the schedule to be exterminated figuring out all this before the culling begins.”

Barring the ‘six million exterminated” figure, which is just a meme, standing for the assumed number of Jews lost to the Diaspora, and used well before the end of WWII (first to attempt to get a homeland for themselves somewhere, and then, after WWII, to wring reparations out of the Germans): Just so.



You have a choice.

Choose the Light.

Or be inundated with, and swallowed up by, the machinations of the Dark.

The Play about to conclude.


* from an article headed ‘Globalist war against humanity shifts into high gear: Cars, cash, literature and independent news all targeted for elimination’ - NaturalNews; reposted on - December 6/7

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