Tuesday, 13 December 2016

I Know The Feeling

I’ve got tears streaming down my face again, from eyes that have just read more from Pat Conroy’s life and observations.   It was bad enough when I just finished his paen to his gay friend for life, Tim ’Sister Timothy Immaculata’  Belk.  (Who didn’t die from AIDS, after all.)  But now he’s into basketball . I know that feeling.  Yes. 

 I think it was while playing basketball in my life that I first got the feeling that we were being watched (and perhaps even watched over??) in our little life dramas; and not only watched, but occasionally ‘interfered’ with.  Have you ever had that uncanny feeling?  I have had moments in my life on the basketball court when something, or someone, else took over, and I was simply moved out of the way, and some sprite, or Guardian Angel, or whatever, took over, and had a creative ball, for a split second of our time.  An impossible, purely spontaneous, move; an impossible, purely spontaneous shot…

I was small for my age, and played with the ‘C’ team through my high school days.*  I loved basketball.  I also ran track - where I was good for my size as well, running both the 100-yard dash and the 660, and being third man on the relay team - but basketball was by far my favorite sport.  I loved the intricacy of it, and the pitting of yourself mano a mano against your guard.  And at the end of the allotted time, you had either won or you had lost.  Clean.  Clear.  Simple.

Not like politics.  I can’t tall you how upset I am at the ‘intricacies’ - in another, dark way - of political contests, where it’s not all that up-front.  Nothing ‘clean and clear’ about political contests.  Cheating galore.  Disgusting stuff.

And now, with this last last election in the U.S., what do we have??  The result of a lot of cheating - including electronic rigging - over the years:

Whine, whine, whine.

‘It’s not fair.  The media told us we were going to win. Everybody knew that we were going to win.  It was a done deal.  The other team obviously stole it from us.  We'll sue.  The guy operating the scoreboard - the whole damn lot of them.  This was Hillary’s turn!’

I don’t know about that.  What I do know, is that it is time for her now to go to prison.  Not for being the habitual, if not compulsive, if not full-blown psychopathic liar that she is, has proven to be, in her checkered life.  But for her larcenous behavior - behavior, that went so far as to jeopardize the national security of this country.  As part of a character defect that has made her a serial criminal.  Who, unfortunately, was led to believe - by the actions of people around her, including the lack of actions - that she could get away with her corrupt behavior, again and again and again.

Wrong deduction. 

Even the Game of Life has wins and losses.  And you lose, Hillary.  

And so did you precious snowflakes who were foolish enough to think that the Mainstream Media was predictive of which team would win in the end.  Rather than being purveyors of ‘Public Relations’ propagandic puffery, a la Bernays.

Suck it up, Buttercup.  Game’s over.  And you lose.  

And one last point, about the winner of America.

You really should never have gone after my country.  For, I have friends in high places.  So to speak.  And we play The Game

to win.   

But, there is a trophy for Participation after all.  It comes in the form of a degree of consciousness: when you realize that you have been but playing a part.  In a grand Drama.  Between the Light and the Dark.  And if you have been playing a part on the Dark side - for whatever reason; karma (the result of your choices in life; to say, in the realm of duality) or just the challenge - your side in that Drama has just lost.  And it is your choice as to which side you wish to remain on.

At the final Buzzer.


* Determined by height, weight, and age.  In my senior year i had to lose a few pounds to make it; my coach recommending that I do so, rather than the unspoken but understood alternative of sitting on the bench a lot with the JayVees.  And what it also led to - besides my becoming the leading scorer for my team; and for the league itself, I think, in my last year+ - was a lifelong penchant for cottage cheese.  My mother, who had a lifelong difficulty in losing weight, couldn’t understand how I could do it so easily.  Simple.  All I had for dinner for some time was cottage cheese.
     If you are wondering why my mother didn’t know what I had for dinner: that’s another story.
     Of which I have several.  Not as captivating as Conroy's.  But close to being in the same league.

+ I led it for the first half of the season, but didn't bother to check going down to the wire.  I concentrated on the team's position, not mine - and we in fact won our league that year.  In the last game of the season.  And came in third in the All-Southern California Playoffs.
   Was I the leading scorer in our league for the season?  Don't know.  Didn't matter; doesn't matter.  First things first, in life.
   It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game.  But it's a damn sight better to win.
   Just ask Pat.  When you get there.


from thecommonsenseshow.com: ‘And the Crowd Chanted “Make America Great Again” at the Army-Navy Football Game’ - Dave Hodges - December 12/13
(When Trump was seen being interviewed at the game.)


Lana Lorenzen December 13, 2016 at 9:00 am 

As a previous professor of American history, please someone, tell me: When was America great? There are a lot of people out there who don’t seem to have a clue about American history. Spend your time reading some American history texts. To quote the author of The Underground Railroad, America was “stolen land worked by stolen people.”


Stan December 14, 2016 at 1:25 am 
Your comment is awaiting moderation. 

Lana, America was great when she was founded. And then she began to fall under the spell of naysayers like you.

Go back and read some “American history texts” that quote the feelings and ideals and intentions of her Founders, who were trying to establish a nation for the future of humankind – as a free and independent and self-governing people.  Leave your propagandic texts at the door of your mind this time, and listen. Really listen, to them. They still have a message for us. And you.


I don’t care what your race or socio-economic status is, lady.  You have no business having been a history professor if you are that skewed about your understanding of the history of this country.

And, interestingly enough, I see that I have Lecture Seven for ‘Constitution 101’ from the Hillsdale College Online Courses waiting for me, for tomorrow’s/later today's perusal.  And enlightenment. 

And renewed inspiration.  About this country.

Land that I love.


And if this gal comes back at me, I am liable to say something like:

'Lana, you need to understand something.  My country is being stolen out from under me, by people who can probably best be described, in a word, as 'globalists'.

'Don't mess with me.  I'm not in the mood.'

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