Wednesday, 28 December 2016

The Mystery Unveiled

Technology - a product of human thinking, and ingenuity - is neutral.  For example.

Cars that can be remotely stopped and locked: In the hands of the Bad Guys can be, well, a bad thing; but in the hands of the Good Guys can be a good thing.  Such technology is sold today as a ‘good’ thing: to trap a stolen-car thief until he can be arrested.  But it is planned on to be used by the Bad Guys, to track down and ‘freeze’ their enemies.  

Same with weather control.  It has been used, e.g., by TPTW - The Powers That Were; aka the Cabal; the New World Order mob; however you are inclined to think of them as - to alter the weather patterns coming off the Pacific Ocean, leading to drastic changes in weather conditions in California, to serve TPTW’s ulterior purposes, with the creating of drought the end result.  (As Kissinger is alleged to have remarked; in effect: “You control people by one major factor: Food.”)  But in the hands of the Good Guys, such technology could be used for, well, good purposes.  And so forth.

What am I saying, in effect.

I am saying that the Dark side has set up a situation where they have unintentionally brought forth the Light side, to take over now.  To take over, that is to say: the world.

The Dark side, in going for global hegemony, evoked its opposition.  (“To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” is the physical law at work.)  And thus, how the advent and destructive (of the status quo) actions of the man who took to calling himself Barack Hussein Obama will have turned out to be a good thing: 

because it evoked the Light to come forth, in reaction.  And that is the end of the Process.  

Because ‘the universe’ is made up of Light.

to say, in physical terms: positive energy.

And we are now about to harness that energy, for its ‘proper’ - or to say, end-result - use:

the erecting of the kingdom of Heaven on Earth. 

The end of

The Process.

Or as a Hegelian would put it:

the final Synthesis.

The creation of

The New.

So, then, a consequence to this whole process:

We have to thank Barry Soetoro - excuse me; Barack Obama - for his role in this cosmic Drama.

Not that he was aware of it.


God moving in mysterious ways, as He - or It; our Creator Source, self-existent, without polarity - is alleged to do, sometimes.

And I am inclined to agree.

As much as I am angered at Barry, and his deep backers, for his role in this whole thing.

Think to screw around with MY country, will you…

If I didn’t understand what is at work here, I could be very tempted.  

To forget - for at least a moment - how it all works.

And do something that I would be very.  Very.  Regretful of.


The End.

Oh - And so, what will The New consist of?

Abundance.  (As we move away from The Old - monetary system, of managing ’economy,’ and into the New, of Abundance.  First with gold-backed money, and then doing away with money altogether, as we really get into the swing of The New.  N.B. Let The Old go.  As it is collapsed anyway, by TPTW.)  Free energy devices.  (Already available, in their early, to say primitive, forms.)  A clean-up of the environment - water, air, land, sea.  ‘Prosperity projects’ of all kinds.  Telepathy, teleportation.  ‘Quantum entanglement’ raised to optimum levels.  True ‘modern medicine;’ which is more about Prevention in the first place, but then the use of natural, holistic techniques (and life-extending technology, for those who want it.  Another subject in its entirety.)  And a real doozy: Replicators.  (We already have a template for the technology in 3D printing.)  

I could go on.

But you get the idea.

I trust.


it’s that time.

And not a moment too soon, by the looks of things right now. 

However, looks can be deceiving.

As many of us have learned by now. 

In our multiple turns at bat.  As it were.

To end on a sporting analogy.

Because it is has all, at its heart, been

a Game.

Or, as the bard said:

a Play.  Wherein to catch the conscience of the king. 

And us all.


Until then, an acknowledgement:

from; ‘How Obamacare Has Destroyed the US Economy’ - Dave Hodges - December 26/7

Rosie Lewis December 27, 2016 at 5:17 am 

I appreciated your comments on repealing Obamacare. As a small business owner in California we employ 33+ people. We struggle tremendously, so many times we want to throw up our hands and say I quit! I know small business provides 60-80 % of American jobs, the other percentage goes to large corporations (ATT, PGE, Large retail store, state, county and Federal government, etc) We struggled to stay a float. Thanks to your podcast, I didn’t realize we lose half of our income to taxes. I assume that includes the 30% tax we pay as a corporation. In 2008, when the economy had a massive down turn, we should have closed up shop, but we struggled to stay alive. We chose to pay payroll when our employment taxes were due, or to buy materials for a contracted job to be completed when workers comp fees/taxes were due. For this we knew we would incur tax penalties and fees. But, we did it for our “workers”. When all was said and done, we owed $120.000 in taxes and when the taxes were finally paid off, we paid $400,000 to the government. This is unconscionable. Lastly, my husband decided to see WHAT THE GOVERNMENT WOULD HAVE PAID IN UNEMPLOYMENT to “our employees”, had we closed up our business. It amounted to a whopping 1.5 million in that time frame. Yet, all we got was grief from the government…

  • Stan December 28, 2016 at 2:09 am
    Your comment is awaiting moderation. 
  • Rosie, my heart goes out to you. Thanks for trying to be a small business owner in this country – the backbone of the American economy. I would say that ‘the government’ will learn the hard way what it has created; but actually, TPTB know what they have created: breakdown. The Cloward-Piven Strategy at work. 

  • We have been fooled. We need to think outside of the current box. But in the meantime: Kudos to you, for trying to live the American Dream. and thereby passing on the good consequences as well to those in your community. And thus, the country.

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