Thursday, 1 December 2016

On Taking The Tide At Its Peak

1) from ‘As Democrats Are Caught in Massive Voter Fraud, Hillary’s Campaign Imploded [VIDEO]’ - Michael Becker - November 30/December 1
(Becker calls for a major purge of vote reg rolls of illegal aliens, dead voters, etc.etc.)

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (November 30)

Well noted and called for, Michael. As it is, the U.S is worse than many banana republics in this voting regard - at least in many of those, the voters have a finger dipped in purple dye, to make sure that they don't vote more than once. Maybe we should start doing the same thing. In any event: a wholesale purge of the voter reg rolls is, indeed, called for; before Obama's criminal attitude - that if you are a resident in the states, you can vote, and his admin will not prosecute you for it (Book'im, Danno) - takes over completely, and we lose the federal constitutional republic of the U.S.A. to the New World Order forces. After a fight. 

And that would not be a pretty one.

2) from ’Trump May Be Right About Winning Popular Legal Vote’ - Bob Unruh - November 30
(Unruh cites numerous sources for understanding the huge gravity of this matter, and need for major overhaul of the system - right down my alley.)

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (December 1)

Thank you for this report, Bob.

We really need to stay on top of this terribly atrocious matter, and wring this corruption ENTIRELY out of our electoral system. Nothing is more important to a citizen than to have the the right to vote - and to have that vote count. Not be canceled out, by a flood of illegal votes, making the process a scam, a sham, a fake, a fraud, a farce, a delusion, an illusion - a crime of the highest order. The New World Order crowd almost pulled off their charade - and would have if Trump hadn't rallied millions of citizens to vote to Make America Great Again, which fortunately overcame the scam.

We have been given a reprieve. We need to make the integrity of our electoral system of the highest priority now. The NWO crowd are furious that they failed, so close to their long-awaited and -planned-for outcome: the takeover of the last stop before their totalitarian global state - the U.S.A. We must not ever let them achieve their ambition. Or we will enter a period of darkness on this planet that it may not be possible to extricate ourselves from for generations.

But extricate ourselves from, we will. Freedom being that strong a beat in the human heart.


But unfortunately I need to say something more here, a bit of a downer.  And that is regarding Trump's continuing picks for his administration.  However, that may all be a part of The Process.

What do I mean.  I mean a) that he is not 'draining the swamp'.  Some of his picks are of the nature OF the swamp.  (His Treasury Secretary; his Secretary of Commerce; etc.)  And b) that it figures, in a way.  Because his is not the final move, in this unfolding Process.  He is still on the level of the dynamics involved.   

The move into the real New is still to take place.  

Which will involve the dissolving of the Western monetary system.  And its replacement by
a higher order of exchange of goods and services with one another, on this planet moving into its facsimile - reflection - of Unity.

'A higher order of exchange'.  On the Order of pure Sharing.  Between recognized facets, fractals, aspects, points of view, of

the One.

The All That Is.

The I Am That I Am.

The true

end of the line.

To say: of

The Process.

Of making gods of ourselves in our own right.

Being chips off the old block, as it were.

Which fuller inheritance we are just about to come into.

And not before


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