Monday, 12 December 2016

The Taking of America One, Two, Three

...Step By Crafty Step

from ’’Secret’ Refugee Resettlement Transforming America’ - Paul Bremmer - December 11
('If they're not assimilating, then we're creating a huge Trojan horse’)

FWiedner 2 hours ago (December 12)

Massive immigration from the third world has one ultimate goal, and that is to wrest political control of the nation from the native population by importing poor, uneducated, and easily manipulated third world peoples and introducing them to America by indoctrinating them into the Democrat/progressive/Marxist ideology at the expense of the native population. It's called "The Browning of America". The goal is to create a permanent and ignorant welfare class that is totally dependent on government for all things, and to turn the native population into politically powerless tax slaves who will be forced to support both the welfare class and the government/politcal elite.


  • kibitzer3 FWiedner a few seconds ago (December 12)

  • The goal is larger than that. The goal is to create a totalitarian New World Order, run by our erstwhile masters, with both the far Left and the far Right in a despotic pyramid of power. The movement must be stopped in its crafty and deceitful tracks.

  • The People rising to the occasion in electing Trump was a move in that corrective direction. We must all remain alert, and keep the corrective pressure on. That's the sort of thing that being a self-governing people calls for.

What say you, Citizen??

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