Saturday, 31 December 2016

Time - And Almost Past - For A Tea Party

1) from teapartyorg.ning.ccm: ‘Matt Drudge suggests U.S. government cyberattack on Drudge Report website’  - posted by Natl Dir. Dee - December 29/30 (orig. posted at -  Victor Morton - December 29
(“DDoS attack comes same day Obama announced countermeasures against Russia for hacking of Democrats”)

Permalink Reply by Debra A Shawver 2 hours ago (December 30)

We will have to watch Trump's back since king o is moving only 10  miles away so he can "coordinate" the DNC....which to me IMHO says...spy and cause havoc..unlimited sorass funding.....king o and his thugs need to arrested for sedition, treason etc....

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Permalink Reply by Stan Stanfield 1 second ago (December 31)

...and especially for his illegal turn at the presidency. Or that gross constitutional error will spell the end of the Constitution as a legal document - the very rule of law for the nation. And the consequent rise of/replacement by the rule of men. Otherwise known as arbitrary law. Otherwise known as tyranny.

2) from ‘Obama’s “Evidence” Against Russia Falls Flat’- posted by Kat - December 30
(“Obama’s “evidence” raises questions about the worth and value of the intelligence agencies that apparently provided it…”)

Permalink Reply by Stan Stanfield 2 seconds ago (December 31)

The game plan is so obvious that I hope the easily distracted American public won't buy into it.

It's called misdirection: 1) Get the public to look away from the message - the info from the DNC leak (showing the Hillary camp to have stolen the primaries from Bernie) and the Huma Abedin site's info (not only about Hillary's unsecured official-business emails, but the appalling Pizzagate stuff) - and at the designated villain of the piece.  2) Capitalize on the situation, by blaming Russia, who you are already trying to beat up into an enemy worthy of going to war with, and labeling as a source of Disinformation and Propaganda.  3) Accuse your real enemy, the alternative media, of 'fake news,' seeded by Russia, and therefore of being under 'Russian influence'.  4) Quietly get a law passed outlawing 'Disinformation and Propaganda' - which the Usurper signed into law late on the Friday evening before the Christmas weekend.  5) Beat the drums of war, by having your puppet in the Oval Office attempt to goad Russia into reactive escalation.  The end desired result: Kill two birds with one stone.

Hopefully, the American eagle doesn't buy into the scam.  But we're not free and clear of the machinations of these miscreants yet.  And they are desperate, to keep from losing their power already gained.  So they are a dangerous foe.  And I am sure not talking about Russia.

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