Friday, 16 December 2016

Where The Buck Stops

from ‘Arpaio Proves Obama Birth Certificate Forged - Hands Evidence, Case To Congress’ - Rick Wells - December 15/16
(The latest information and evidence is that they have found the birth certificate of another person, born close to the same time frame, from which material was lifted to paste onto the dodgy copy that the White House presented as evidence of the Usurper’s birth.)

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So the man who in his adult years took to calling himself Barack Hussein Obama has been outed yet once again, and this time definitively, for being a fraudster in the White House, and specifically the Oval Office therein. I think he deserves special credit, deserves the accolades – ‘All Hail The Prime Lawbreaker!’- of his subjects, and the fruits of his labors:

I recommend that American citizens the nation over go out and start breaking laws, left, right and center, and when you are fined for it, tell the authorities to send the bill to the White House, that The Prime Lawbreaker will take care of it, and if you are fined through the mail, send the bills there yourself. After all, you will just be emulating what our Dear Leader has been doing for nearly 8 years now, as the Scofflaw-in-Chief.

Speaking of the person who lives in the White House: I believe that in these pages I have mentioned this (true) story before: the children’s story about The Little Boy Who Lives in the White House.  Back in JFK’s day, his more fervent promoters arranged for the release of a children’s book, complete with illustrations, about two squirrels on the front lawn of a house - a white house, complete with two white colonnades - on the front porch of which is sitting a friendly-looking little boy, watching with a smile the two squirrels in the foreground, one of whom is busily collecting acorns from a large oak tree there.  The other squirrel says to him: ‘What are you doing?’  The first squirrel replies, ‘I am collecting nuts for the winter.’  ‘What are you doing that for?’ comments the second squirrel; gong on to say, ‘Don’t you know that the little boy who lives in the white house will feed you?’

Cue image of the friendly little boy in the background.of the illustration.  Fast forward to our day, when Ron Paul - among others - has been warning us about our time, when “Half of all Americans born today will wind up on food stamps at some point in their life…The government is hacking into our cell phones… our emails… and credit card records…(T)he erosion of civil liberties [will] continue under the false flag of ‘National Security’…(T)he complete destruction of our currency and our monetary system is about to come true…”*

Fortunately, Ron Paul is not the only one to have foreseen this.  

Speaking of being foresightful.

And doing something about it.

Having planned for its inevitable outcome.

Like the foresightful little squirrel, who was not inclined to trust the little boy living in the white house.

But to trust his instincts instead.

* from the booklet ‘Ron Paul’s FINAL WARNING’ put out by Sfansberry Research


...and to close out this blog on the note of our Dear Leader and part of the Plan of the Dark forces at work, and their M.O:

from ‘President Obama and Bernie Sanders Destroy the Media’s Russia Conspiracy’ - Onan Coca - December 15
(Both look at other issues, with Obama specifically trying to play down the idea that there was any evidence of vote tampering; to go along with his attempt earlier to pooh-pooh the idea that we have anything to worry about in our election process.  Forget all that talk about illegal-alien voting, and the need for voter photo ID, and such nonsense as that……)

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (December 16)

Classic case of misdirection: Move the discussion away from the material leaked and on to speculation about who dun it - and try to finger the bad guy that you are trying to beat up a case against, to go to war with him, a) to bail you out of your looming monetary-system crisis, and b) to give you more excuse to put your public under war-footing, civil-rights-eliminating measures, in order to further your cause for a totalitarian New World Order. What was the material that was leaked?? Dunno. Lost in the mists of time......on purpose.

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