Monday, 5 December 2016

In A Time Of Tribulation

In my last blog I ended on a note of the citizenry - with all the crap that is going on in the country - getting mad as hell, and not going to take it any longer.  Along these lines: Herewith a post I made to my local Neighborhood ‘Next Door’ email site, where someone posted a comment about the City ticketing cars even after the street sweeper has come by.  (Parking is atrocious in this area,with people circling for long periods of time looking for parking.)  

“Basically it's a political thing: TPTB are trying to move 'the established order' of Americans out of the state, in order to a) flood it with more illegal aliens, and b) get people moved into pack'em and stack'em housing, rather than individual homes and [street-parking] apts. It's part of the UN's 2012 (now 2030) strategy. Look it up. And this state's governor is part of the plan (it's called Cal-Exit). It's designed to turn the S/W 7 states into part of a region of TPTB's (totalitarian) New World Order, and is modeled to align with La Raza's plan for a 'return' to their dream of Aztlan. But they are in for a surprise. It's not the far Left that is primarily behind this scam. It's the corporate bozos at the top of the pyramid of power, in charge of fastening their NWO on the people of the planet. It's time to wake up, folks. We are being had, by a bunch of very evil characters. And our window of opportunity is getting smaller and smaller, to be able to turf them OUT of their positions of power over us. In this state, it needs to start at the top - a recall movement against Jerry Brown needs to begin. In earnest.

“If you didn't know: Brown said at a public meeting in the L.A. area some months ago, at which many IAs were known to be present: "You are welcome in this state". Of course they are: they are part of the plan. And that's why this state doesn't require photo ID cards in order to vote - or any indication of your ID. The more voter fraud, the better, to these miscreants in power at this time. It is terribly wicked stuff. We need a major housecleaning - pronto.”

from ‘Preparing America for the Mark of the Beast One Nurse at a Time’ - Dave Hodges - December 3/4
(An ICU nurse in Georgia was required by her hospital employer, on order from the ObamaCare nazis, to take the flu vaccine or be terminated.  Having done her homework on their efficacy and side effects, AND being a Christian, she chose the latter.  Good for her.)

Stan December 5, 2016 at 2:56 am
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Well spoken and done, Lauren. And, it is not just about Big Pharma profits. These things are laced with toxic substances, yes, to ‘mark’ us. And it is worse than the experimental vaccines that they gave our troops in the Gulf Wars, that contained a substance that is naturally present in our own bodies, so that the result was an autoimmune reaction. Apparently for them tis study the effects thereof. But guinea pigs our troops were nevertheless, in their malevolent hands. And now, there is evidence that some vaccines contain a killer agent, For us ‘useless eaters’.

Vaccines are not the great medical modality that they are cracked up to be, anyway. Do your homework. In the meantime, beef up your immune system. with good nutrition and supplements. Do your homework there also. There is plenty of info on the Internet on all this. The bottom line:

DO NOT TAKE THEIR VACCINES. And thereby, help create a groundswell of pushback to this totalitarian attempt to treat us like cattle.

from ‘Russians Accused of Starting Fires In Gatlinburg, TN’ - Dave Hodges - December 3/4

Dave Hodges reports on military maneuvers in the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee - where wildfires have destroyed much of the region - by Russian soldiers, who have been in the area for a fair period of time, and even bought homes and property there.  The area has had its nearby mountain trials and national parks closed to visitors.  All except the Russian troops, engaging in maneuvers…he concludes his article:   

“For What Purpose Are the Russians Here?

“To effectively answer the question, I must defer to what I wrote about in the past in which I claimed that all signs point to the United Nations taking over this country once martial law is declared in response to some crisis, probably economic.

“I can draw no other conclusion [than] that the Russians are responsible for “burning out” major areas in and around Gatlinburg for the purpose of establishing a strong base of operations.  [N.B. Russian troops haves also previously been accused of starting wildfires near Colorado Springs, CO and in Washington State.]  

“My hypothesized [sic] is legitimized when we look at the FEMA bilateral agreement of 2011 mutually signed by the by the Russian Foreign Ministry which allowed the first 15,000 Russian soldier[s] on American soil to engage in “disaster training”.  The disaster will occur when the economy collapses and we have Russian tanks in our streets.”

I am trusting that the American people are going to wake up to all this shit that is going on, and has been going on IN THEIR COUNTRY for some time………

A lot of it under the Usurper, with his loyalties clearly not in America, but in its subjugation.  (In ordering the Border Patrol to stand down in the face of the - orchestrated - invasion, of both Hispanics and Africans, and as well ‘unaccompanied children,’ from the South, and all.)  But some of it extending back at the very least to the George W. Bush period.  Which, after all, birthed the (so-called) PATRIOT Act, and all the NDAA murky business.

A word to the wise………..

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