Saturday, 17 December 2016

And Here i Sit

Things seem be heating up.  To get into it, a little reminiscing:

In my younger days my mother would send my brother and me up to our paternal grandparents' place for the summers.  I never knew precisely why, but then it wasn't my place to question such things: I was just along for the ride, so to speak.   It was probably involved with my parents' divorce agreement, where we would be allowed time with that side of the family.  Later I had reason to understand a larger picture, whereby our mother wanted the space to do her own thing.  Anyway, this is about one summer with our grandparents, up in Richmond, in the East (San Francisco) Bay Area of California, from our home in Long Beach, down near L.A.  Where I am living now, as a matter of not incidental fact to the telling of this story.

Our paternal grandparents - who had 7 children; four boys and three girls (including a set of twins), of whom our dad was the eldest - were of hardy farm stock, transplanted into urban life because of the difficulty of making a go of it economically through just farming.  Even in those days.  (This was circa mid-1940's.)  But you can take the farmer out of the farm, but you can't...etc.  Grandpa was something else.  Did he have a growing thumb.  He had done well enough in his former farmer's life to have gotten himself a house with the next door vacant lot as well, which he had turned into a major garden site: rows and rows of corn, I recall distinctly, and other vegies, that I don't recall precisely; plus a row of cages of cute white bunnies - for eating! - and a chicken run; and along the side of the house he had planted strawberries, and right in back of the house was a large kitchen garden, which Grandma spent her time in.  Needless to say, we ate well, that summer.  But that's not what I mention all this for.

I mention this because it is beginning to look, more and more, as though we in our comfortable urban lives need to start growing our own gardens.  And fast.  And especially us American citizens still left here in California.

I say 'still,' because this state has been in drought conditions for some years, and things are beginning - as I say, both metaphorically and literally - to heat up.  And perhaps I should have taken some notes, that summer at our grandparents' house.  Because a famine could be upon us, and we are going to need to cultivate as much of our own personal garden spaces as we can, to get through it all, until it all blows over.

Which will depend on when we can regain control of our weather, from those s.o.b.'s who are and have been using weather warfare against us for some time now. as part of their plan, not only to cull our numbers, but to control us.  As monsters like Stalin and Mao have known from a previous, and recent, time of major attempts at people control.  And which our erstwhile masters are totally aware of, as a tool.

I'm not going to go into all the details of this story here.  Suffice it to say that it involves HAARP, and Chemtrails, and deliberate creation of drought - including draining away water here in California when it does rain, rather than letting it run into the Central Valley region of this state where the Breadbasket of both the country and the world could use it - to force more and more basically patriotic Americans off the growing land and out of the state, for mostly Hispanics to take over - under the control of our not-incidentally Jesuit-trained governor, Jerry Brown - and the (Red) Chinese, who are being encouraged to buy up said basically excellent and deliberately-parched land at bargain-basement prices (N.B. the deals brokered by Richard Blum, husband of CA Sen. Dianne Feinstein.  She of the fervent anti-gun crusade.  Go figure), to feed their masses; California to take the place of their farmers, whom that government is herding into pack'em and stack'em 'ghost cities' in order to grow a more formidable industrial base.  You can read all this yourself, at a couple of articles listed below:

1) from ‘Millions of Americans Face Starvation’ - Paul Martin and Dave Hodges -  December 15/16


* The globalists deep in the long and heating-up process of hijacking our government may well make their move before January 20th: consider a takeover attempt likely.

* Paul Martin “It’s time to gear up and get ready.”

* You can grow food even in a big back yard.  (N.B. And: NOT to be planted with GMO seeds.  The reason for the push to GMOs is because those seeds are sterile; you need to buy them each year from the producer.  And if the producer decides to withhold them from you…..a perfect People Control mechanism.)

(As a poster commented at this site: 

‘Trying to wake up the American people is like trying to wake up the living dead.  However, some are beginning to come up out of their stupor, realizing that CNN, MSNB, ABC and all the rest of the CIA Mockingbird press, such as the NY, LA snd Seattle Slimes and the Washington Compost are not as they have been told over and over and over - God’s gift in communications to all mankind…”)
(toejam - December 15)


2) from ‘What You Need to Know to Survive What Is Coming - Bob Griswold’ - December 15/16:

(“It was just announced that 4,000 troops were rushed from Ft. Collins to the Baltic, none too soon for World War III. California is ready to explode into violence in its quest for Independence. Washington DC is bracing for violent protests at the Inauguration…”)

(A comment at this site: 

Vietkonggook December 15, 2016 at 9:54 am

WHy are they moving these heavy armored formations into Europe? That leaves the State of Colorado as the new NWO capital once the COG kicks in . And who secures this area? The foreign special forces troops under globalist control.)

Two other articles of major note at this site, which include a) the attempt to extricate California from the Union (ka Cal-Exit) and form it into its own nation, under El Presidente Jerry Brown - and become a democracy at that (rather than a republic), with its large Hispanic population, of both legal and illegal immigrants - and b) the attempt to clear the Gulf Region of its inhabitants, via the (deliberately-induced) Gulf War Oil Spill, and turn that area into a major Bioregion for the growing and harvesting of algae, the new, post-oil energy product of the multinationals:

3) ‘The UN/Chinese Takeover of California - Violence and Starvation -  Paul Preston’ - Dave Hodges - December 15/16

4) ‘China’s Moving to Control California’s Food Supply - Famine Coming to the US - Part of Cal-Exit Plot’ - Dave Hodges - December 15/16


As I said in an email to an old friend this evening, after forwarding him this posting by Dave Hodges:

“Who said that I came here to retire.”*

Anyway, and in summary:

And Here i Stand.


* I also told him tonight, regarding another subject that he emailed me on, that, regardless of all the darkness that this sort of material feeds into us: “And yet, something tells me that all will be very, very well.

“But then I would say that, wouldn’t I.” 

(He has given me a bit of a hard time over our acquaintance years for having, in the end, a positive outlook on things, whereas he can see quite clearly that things are very dark.

And so can I.  If I let myself do so…) 

And in the midst of all this portending of calamitous times, as 'things' - the historical evolutionary process - come to a head:

My next blog: A comment about some inspiring words supposedly from Jesus - via a channeler of some repute - on LOVE. 

Stay tuned.

Or should that be: 

Stay attuned???

And saying that to myself as well.  For being so angry at these...


...players in the Grand Drama.

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