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On Making American Great Again - Or Not

1) from Liberty: ‘6 Interesting Facts About Elaine Chao, Trump’s Pick for Transportation Secretary’ - Joe Miller/Daily Signal - November 29 (posted at  on December 1)
(Sounds like an Establishment pick to me…but good for the ‘ethnic’ vote…
 N.B. my comment as posted at both sites)

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (December 1)

Well, he DID say that he wasn't a Conservative, that they had their own party to vote for. He is more of a populist. And is, above all else, a businessman; and businessmen know how to work with the Art of the Deal.

Having said that:

1) He is NOT Hillary; and

2) He needs to have his feet held to the fire, in responsible-citizen feedback. A [good] businessman knows to listen to the public.

I don't like his picks for either Sec of the Treasury or Commerce Secretary. It sounds like Goldman Sucks all over again - the NWO crowd by any other name. But he probably is picking people in those positions that he knows, and thinks he can trust. However, a snake is, above all else, a snake - and Trump knows that, too...Let's see how this unfolds. But it certainly looks as though he and his admin will require the American people to be the self-governing sovereigns that they were bequeathed to be, by a wise set of Founding Fathers. Who built in some checks and balances along the way to the positions of power in the exercise in self-governance that is the American FORM of government.


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It was a comment to an article on Hillary being touted to run for president again in 2020 - with the 'recount' being engaged in to keep her in the minds of the public - and my comment was to the fact that regardless of what Trump said about the Clintons after the election, if he has an honest AG - which he has in fact appointed for his administration (in Sen. Jeff Sessions) - then she is due to be up on charges including treason, which would preclude her from running.   

But here’s another thought for the day on this general overall subject; from:

2) ‘Attention!  Millennials: We Owe You Nothing!’ - Dave Hodges - November 30/December 1
(“In a recent poll, and by a 2 to 1 margin, Millennial’s say they would rather have Fidel Castro as President over Donald Trump.  Yes, America, this is what we have raised, a generation that wants something for nothing. Some should ask these illiterate Castro lovers one question: How did Cubans fare under this despot?…”)

Stan December 2, 2016 at 1:22 am
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When I was halfway through my university days – this was in the mid-’50s – my classmates flocked to take a class on Modern History offered by a young lecturer who shockingly claimed that FDR had set up Pearl Harbor to happen, to get the U.S. into the war. Fast forward to our day: Would our young have flocked to take a class by some lecturer who shockingly claimed that 9/11 was an Inside Job?? Well, they may have – if one had been offered – considering that the president at the time was the ‘conservative,’ George W. Bush. But what about a class where the lecturer would have shockingly claimed that Obama was “fundamentally transforming the United States of America” to fit a socialist model, in furtherance of the agenda of the New World Order elite???

Oh. That’s right. They are for that…only they just don’t understand the ‘elite’ part of that scenario. All they know is what is presented to them, on the boob tube, cartoon style, and by their agenda-driven high school teachers and college professors. Not much thinking required……

We live in perilous times.


...and further on this note of 'all we know is what we are fed to know'; this:

from ’Clinton Campaign Losers Attack Trump Aides!!!’ - Jay Guy - December 2
(“In a surprise attack on Thursday, video of which will be aired on Sunday, Clinton campaign staffers attacked and insulted Trump surrogates including Kellyanne Conway at a 2016 Election recap sponsored by Harvard University. What was intended to be a discussion and summary of the 2016 election and campaign at the Harvard School of Politics turned into an insult-filled bully-pulpit led by the Clinton staffers in attendance…” and on in that vein; the Clintonistas basically claiming that Trump supporters were just a bunch of ”white supremacists’”.  What a bunch of juveniles…)

kibitzer3 3 minutes ago (December 2)

Maybe if some people would stop scratching each other's backs and get out into the real U.S.A. every once in awhile, instead of spending all their time in their cute little bubbles, they would understand how the other half thinks. About such as serial criminals and habitual, if not compulsive, if not outright pathological, liars.

Their candidate jeopardized our national security, besides her neat little Pay for Play operation while in public office. She should be charged, not just with corruption. But with treason.

Put that in your pipe and smoke that in your next bong session, gang.


This business, of people acting - and reacting - based on what they have been fed to know, is not going to end well.

We live in perilous times, indeed.

...but on the other side, of the Great Divide...................

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