Monday, 19 December 2016

The Darkness Before The Dawning

1) from ’Trump Alert! U.S. Muslim Leader Seeks Your Overthrow’ - December 18
(“The president of CAIR-L.A. stokes fires of hysteria about president-elect.”  Calls for an ’Arab Spring’ in the U.S., with a “repeat after me” chant that translates to ”The people want to bring down the regime.”  The article highlights how CAIR has proved to be a front for the likes of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. and advocates the U.S. be turned into an Islamic state, which means being governed under Islamic law, or Shariah…)
HongryHawg 3 hours ago (December 18)

Laughable, as if America was some Dark Ages territory like their Middle East. The stupidity of muslims continues to amaze.


  • kibitzer3
    HongryHawg a few seconds ago (December 18-19)

  • And yet, we are seeing all around this country education officials and city officials and business authorities giving in to them, for example as regards Christmas, in not calling it even 'Holidays' because it might "offend" those amongst us that do not recognize this time of year as traditional American holiday time. No more Christmas trees [much less manger scenes!] in schools and town squares and businesses, no more reference to any such a thing. It's the end of the year! Cheers!

  • Who's the stupid ones now??

2) from; ‘What Obsession With Russia’s Election Hacking Is Really All About’ - Chuck Norris - December 18
(Chuck misses the point, buys into the ‘Russia hacking’ meme.)

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (December 19)
Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by WND.

Chuck, thanks for this - but you seem to have fallen right into the Left's trap. Those two leaks - NOT hacks - exposed, on the one hand, the dirty (and outright illegal) tricks of the Hillary camp in her winning the Demo primary fight over Bernie, and on the other hand, some terribly dark stuff about Hillary and others in her camp regarding pedophilia (which still needs to be followed up on). To try to cover up the messages by trying to draw attention rather to a fall-guy messenger is called misdirection. It's an old psyop ploy.

You covered some good points about this 'issue'. But you have basically been taken in. I would have thought more of your insightfulness on such matters.

And so, TPTB are succeeding in eliminating this country’s ‘traditional values’ on the one hand - including the undercutting of its ‘value’ of ‘free speech’ by the setting up of a system of censoring ‘fake news’ run by the fake news purveyors themselves - and succeeding in covering up their dark activities on the other.  Like Hillary’s theft of the Demo primary election.  And her involvement in pedophilic activity - and that of other high-level people in the D.C. scene of national politics.     

Let me be perfectly clear.  As regulars to these pages will know, I do not buy into the Christmas/Christian 'thing'.  It is an untruth, and needs to be brought out of its closet and into the open.  But it is part of the founding traditions of this country and its culture.  And it is Dark-side characters who are trying to wipe out this country’s founding culture, and replace it with whatever they want to replace it with; presumably with secular overlays.  Like Christmas itself was an overlay of its time.  So, there are ‘natural’ aspects to this ‘multiculture’ culture-changing business.  Such things do change over time.  But this one is particularly to be a) resisted for now, and b) brought into the light of day.  Because the perps* are trying to create a totalitarian New World Order, run by characters - state authorities - in jackboots.  And that is the reverse image of

the real thing.

And needs to be recognized as such.  For what it is: 

Not the real McCoy. 

And not just to ‘fault’ these perps.  For example.  The Republican Party was content to let Obama’s illegal occupancy of the Oval Office go.  I am content to let the Republican Party go, into the trash bin, along with the Democrat Party, for being the criminal enterprises that they have proven to be, in the matter of this illegal occupancy of the Oval Office at the very least; with more along that criminal line to consider as well.

But then, we are through with the time of duality on this planet, anyway.  It’s now time for - as I say - 

the real thing.   

* The culture-bashing perps are basically Khazarian (secular) Jews (who were behind 9/11, and other atrocities, like the attempted sinking of the U.S.S. Liberty) and Muslims, with the Muslims dragged into the - our - picture in order to help the Jews overcome the established cultural order, that they have long chafed under here.  (And in Europe; hence the invasion there of Muslims from the intentionally-disrupted Middle East.)  But it is not just the Jews.  It is the Jesuits, and other aspiring world ‘leaders’.  Read: Overlords.  
   The Dark side unintentionally helping The Play to its conclusion.

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