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General Dwight David Eisenwho??

Speaking of my country, as I did at the end of my blog earlier today, in the wee hours of the morning....

I have just come cross the information - as an American male who was still growing up during both WWII and the Korean War (er, Police Action, that one was),1 and then had the great good fortune to be too old for the next go-round of hostilities involving the U.S., in South Vietnam2 - that in a test administered by the U.S. Department of Education, 52% of students identified either Germany, Italy, or Japan as an ALLY of the United States during WWII.

The mind boggles.  And thinks back......

As a young American, I followed the goings-on of WWII in my time on a large map spread out on the carpet of our front room, checking off the various points of conflict in both the European Theater and the Pacific Theater of the war, and the slow, steady, advance of the U.S. troops, and our true allies...

I'm not going to get into the 'politics' of all of this, in terms of the wars themselves; and of how war is  like a terrible storm, that then passes, and people pick up their lives on the other side, and move on.  Usually.  And hopefully, learning well whatever lessons that they can from such experiences, in their pilgrim's progress through 3d life.  I want, rather, to pen a simple note to the American youth of today.

Dear American High School Student,

One cannot blame you for the education that you have received, and are continuing to receive.   But I encourage you to consider one particular fact.  And that is, that you are being used and abused.  By a group of people who are trying - and, obviously doing a good job of it - to disabuse you of any pride in your country.  They are doing this by cutting you off from any connection with your roots in this country, by being taught its history.  Fairly.  Warts and all.  But fairly.  Not ideologically.

You see, you have a fundamental right to know that your country - the U.S.A. - was instrumental in saving the world from being dominated by some countries that wanted to rule over people, with an iron fist, rather than with them, in a new and better world.  And you have a fundamental right to know which countries were on which side of that great divide, in the mental and subsequent physical affairs of humanity.   Not to put blame on them.  But to understand the philosophies involved.  And thereby, to keep such ideological attitudes from ever gaining the top 'hold' on our minds.  And bodies.

Which is going on in your day.

I urge you to take a closer look at how you are being educated, and why you are being educated in the way that you are.  It is a large subject.  But to boil it down to its essence:

You are being 'educated' to believe that the U.S. is a bane to existence on this planet, and so should be "fundamentally transformed;" that a 'free' people should not be 'free,' because they do bad things when they are 'free' to.  Take 'the environment'.  You are being taught that the U.S. is instrumental in terribly damaging 'the environment'.  But did you know - no, of course you didn't; let me rephrase that: You need to know that Anthropogenic Global Warning (AGW) was a myth; and when it could no longer be sold to the public - because the facts didn't fit the theory - the myth was changed to 'Climate Change'.  Not that there isn't some Climate Change going on.  As it always has; rhythmically.  But it is not due to Americans living 'too high on the hog' in comparison to the rest of the world.  That is a myth, concocted by people who want to control others to within an inch of their lives; and the U.S. - with its fundamental roots in such as the right of humans to be considered as free and independent beings, sovereigns in their own right, rather than as subjects to some higher human authority over them - is the major stumbling block to their ambitions for global, and totalitarian, power.

Why do these people want to do that?

Because they have a mindset of wanting to control others. To dominate others.

It is a long story.  But ask your high school History teachers to tell you a) the truth about the U.S.'s history and government, and its basic principles;3 and b) about what our erstwhile masters themselves call their New World Order.

which is a plan for the total subjugation of humanity, under the iron boot of some who think that they should be the masters of all that they survey...

Not to go into all those details - of life in your times - here.  Just to ask you - encourage you - urge you - to get organized, and a) go to your high school principal and demand that you be taught fairly the history of your country; and then b) go to your local Board of Education, with the same message.

And don't take 'No' for an answer.

Because your are a free and independent being; responsible for your own decisions in life.

Not an animal.  To be herded - and culled - by some people who consider themselves to be superior to you.  By virtue of their economic station in life, or race, or religion, or nationality, or whatever human denomination.

If you want to think of honorable souls, give a thought tomorrow - some time during your busy day -  in particular to those brave young Americans who fought and died in far-off fields of battle, in both the Pacific Isles and Europe. So that you, and other members of the human race in other nations, could be free.  To even consider such matters.

As thinking wistfully, and respectfully, every now and then - and especially on certain days - of your forebears.

Who were willing to fight, and even die, for their country.

For - at the end of the day -

an idea.

P.S. And if your school is inundated with the children of illegal aliens, or faux 'refugees': You will already have been given reason to understand why your education on such matters as American History is the pitiful way it is.

P.P.S. And, nothing wrong with thinking of the planet, and her peoples, as One.
     It just needs to be the right One.
     And Way, to get there.
     By the Way of Love.
     Not Force.



1 Politics are involved in all wars.  This one involved the new United Nations 'area of influence'.  Which has continued down to our day.  But to continue.

2 A particularly deadly fraud, that one was, with its noble selling point - members of the SouthEast Asian Treaty Organization (SEATO) defending each other - compromised by U.S. multinationals at the same time selling arms and other military equipment to our Cold War enemy, the Soviet Union, to be used against our own troops in the killing fields of Southeast Asia.  But to continue, for the main point of this particular blog.

3 In my day we called it 'U.S. & G' - U.S. History & Government.  All eleventh graders got a good dose of it.  Its having been led up to, by various degrees of History prior to that grade in school, in both high school and junior high (now known as Middle School, I see), and whatever focus on History that succeeds it in your school.
   Fair history.
   Not propaganda.

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