Friday, 30 December 2016

Checkers Vs. Chess - & Who's On First?

from ‘Putin Commits an Act of War Against the US’ - Dave Hodges  December 28/9
(Hodges is concerned that Putin has allowed the Calexit gang to open an ’embassy’ in his country, trying to stir up direct trade with the Russians.)

Stan December 30, 2016 at 1:42 am
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Yes, it is a point, Dave. And I have had my concerns about Putin as well. But I also have kept an eye on him, for some time now. And he is doing, and saying, things that tell me that he is a) aware of TPTB, and their agenda; and b) not one of them. Because he loves his country. Just like true Americans love theirs. And he wants to see the U.S. return to those roots.

Let’s cut him some slack. But I agree with you: He needs to respond to the Calexit initiative. It doesn’t look good, at all.

More on Putin/the Russian Connection:

from ‘Bolton - Trump Is Right, “Putin Is Smart, That’s What Worries Me”’ - December 30/31 
(Talking about Putin’s failure to take the bait and do a tit-for-tat regarding Obama’s expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats from the U.S..  Bolton just talks about Putin’s cleverness; not anything about the false flag op-type gambit going on.)

Stan // December 31, 2016 at 1:23 pm // Reply (act. December 30 PST)
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How can Bolton possibly believe the obvious ploy about ‘Russia interfering with our election process’? It’s obvious what is going on. 1) It’s a misdirection gambit, to draw attention away from the messages themselves in the DNC leak-not-hack and in the Huma Abedin site leak of some of Hillary’s official business (and exposing the Pizzagate nasty business); and 2) it fits TPTB’s agenda of accusing the alt. media of ‘Russian influence’ in order to call it ‘Disinformation and Propaganda,’ and thus take it down, after Obama’s signing [into law[ of that execrable [piece of legislation] (part of the NDAA of 20l7 Law) late on Friday before the Christmas weekend. Come on, Bolton; wake up to what is REALLY going on here: the attempted takedown of the American republic – in spades.


“Obama has announced new sanctions on Russia based on unsubstantiated charges by the CIA that the Russian government influenced the outcome of the US presidential election with “malicious cyber-enabled activities,” Paul Craig Roberts begins in a scathing critique (Dec. 30) of this gambit on the part of the Obama admin and his deep-state backers.  The CIA link gives the game away.  The CIA is headed by a Muslim.  John Brennan is part of The Team, whose mission it is to take this country down, for the NWO crowd, who hit on the Muslim angle as part of their strategy.  Anything to weaken Americans' connections with their national roots, and lure them into the trap of the 'global citizen' gambit. 

And here am I, a former 'Planetary Citizen,' speaking against that agenda.  Why?

Because it is currently in the wrong hands.

Currently.  Nothing wrong with the concept basically, of being a good citizen of the world - as well as of your home country, with your home roots, customs, and traditions.

And principles.  Like the American basic principles.   Basically, of freedom.  From governmental oppression.  The principle of self-governance.  Being your own master.  The master of your own destiny.  Not just a cog in the machinery of the state.

A human being, with free will.  Not an automaton, with instructions from your master, as to what to do, and when to do it.  And no asking stupid questions like 'why?'  'Are you mad?  Because I say so - that's why.  Slave.  What impudence.'     

What impudence, indeed.

But enough for now.  Or I may lose my temper. And I am trying to learn to control it.  Because I realize - strike that; because a large part of me realizes - that this is all - 

all - 

part of

The Plan.

That we may learn our lessons fully.

Like, taking responsibility for our actions.

Or lack thereof.

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