Friday, 30 November 2012

Obama And I

[Still at odds with the Usurper in Chief]

Tea Party CC: 'Conservative Activist Threatens to Steer Donors Away From RNC' - Asst Nat. Dir. Melony - Nov. 29 re: Brent Bozell of Media Res. Center (a cons. media watchdog group)

(me on Thurs. 29 Nov).

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And so Brent, where were you and your threats when the Republican Party failed to challenge Obama and the Democrats on the 'natural born citizen' issue?  An actual undermining of the Constitution; not just a policy issue regarding taxes.

The Republican Party is the Pusillanimous Party.  Conservatives - let alone Constitutionalists - should have nothing more to do with it.  It's time for a wholesale redrawing of the ranks, into different political parties, that stand more clearly for their individual  [members's]  beliefs.  The way it is, conservatives are being taken to the cleaners by the Republican Establishment.   They should take their money out of that 'bank' ANYWAY, and go elsewhere.  Can't bank on those Beltway sophisticates to uphold your principles.  Deprive them of what they have for too long taken for granted.  'You conservatives have nowhere else to go'??  Just watch.  An election or two, and all change.          


wstrn.jnlsm - 'Michael Savage on Obama Eliminating Term Limits!' - Daniel Noe - Nov. 30

The President is strictly limited to two 4 year terms per the 22nd Amendment which was drafted and ratified after Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1951 after he died in 1945. So Obama would need to amend the Constitution itself to run for another 4 year term.
This would be no small feat as it needs a 2/3 majority of the States ratifying a Constitutional amendment since 29 of the 50 States are held by Republican Governors or Legislatures. However the danger we now face is that we are only two states away from ratifying a new Constitutional convention.
If approved it would throw open the entire Constitution to amendment; it is possible that a grand compromise could be reached as the Constitution is amended through a convention and Obama gets his additional terms in perpetuity…These are indeed dangerous times for the Republic.
  • kibitzer2 says:
    December 1, 2012 at 12:39 am

  • You would appear to be overlooking something. Obama got nominated and elected – twice – without benefit of constitutional clergy, as it were, To say: He is already illegally in the office. He’s no dummy. He has gotten away with ignoring the Constitution once. Why shouldn’t he go for another shot at it?? 

  • Conservatives have to realize that they are up against a ‘moral’ mindset that doesn’t see something like the Constitution as a block to their intentions. Read Saul Alinsky (as community organizer Barry Obama has done, cover to cover and back again; to say, thoroughly). I believe the expression is ‘By Any Means Necessary’.'; aka Whatever It Takes. Based on the philosophy that the end justifies the means; with that approach to life based on what they (themselves) call ‘situational ethics’. They laugh at believers in traditional morality as simply behind the times – Absolutists, rather than Relativists. And he appoints a couple more justices of the Supreme Court, who believe in the Constitution being merely ‘a living document’ – i.e.,” just a damn piece of paper” (remember those famous words, by an incipient dictator himself, just preceding Obama in the office??) – and he is home free, with his acolytes rallying his millions in a cheering song containing the words ‘All Hail Our Dear Leader, Who IS The Law’. And the takeover, then, would be permanent. Right now, it’s just pending. 

  • Pending, what the Opposition in this country does to his trashing of the Constitution. So far, it’s Obama 2 – nil.

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Any takers on the outcome of this one???......


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