Monday, 10 April 2017

Comes The Revolution...

from ‘President Trump LIGHTS the White House Up In BLUE - The Reason? PRICELESS!’ - Lisa Marie - April 10
(It was for World Autism Awareness Day.  Awareness of what, precisely……)


Read the book by Harris L. Coulter, Ph.D. entitled 'Vaccination, Social Violence And Criminality: The Medical Assault On The American Brain' and weep. And then do something about it.

To elucidate a bit more:

A further comment today on this same subject (sort of), to a friend who has been talking to me about a book called ‘The Stranger In The Woods,’ about a man who became a hermit for 27 years.  Now, he could simply have had a past lifetime or lifetimes as a recluse/anchorite, and simply favored that way of being.  Or needed a condition of solitary 'confinement' this incarnation around to further his spiritual development.  But there is also this factor:

"I suspect that [the man] is an Aspie; or at  least, had a mild 'case' of ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder).  A very sore subject, for me.  I had my eyes opened to 'all this' down in Oz, when, in the mid-'90s, I came across a book entitled 'Vaccination, Social Violence  And Criminality: The Medical Assault On The American Brain' by a scholarly medical historian by the name of Harris L. Coulter, Ph.D.  In it he laid/lays out impeccably the case for much of the 'turmoil' going on in society in our day as being due to the vaccines that the medical 'profession' - more accurately, the medical-pharmaceutical-government complex - has foisted on us without sufficient regard to their side effects.  Which includes what is called 'the homicidal triad' - a set of three symptoms expressed by many serial killers in their childhood lives; namely: excessive bed wetting; fire starting; and cruelty to pets/animals.  Vaccines can cause brain damage, to varying degrees.  The medical 'profession' will admit that they can cause encephalitis - what is called 'post-vaccinal encephalitis' (or, as in the Vaccine Court, ADEM: Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis) - but will only admit to extremely small incidences thereof; but they won't admit to what is called 'subclinical encephalitis' - the whole range of the likes of ADD/ADHD/ASD/LD ('Learning Disabilities')/PDD-NOS ('Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified') that are epidemical in amount in our society, since the 1950s, when mass vaccination programs kicked in.  They won't admit to all this because of: money (including the fact that they are shills for Big Pharma); professional hubris ('No no - we can't be wrong'); and court litigation, when the truth - the WHOLE truth - outs.   As I say: an extremely sore subject for me. "

As I further say:

Comes the revolution……

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