Sunday, 9 April 2017

Now Hear This

As I start my Sun Day with the sound in the background of the Grand Prix speedsters, like a nest of angry hornets out and about from some disturbance of their home base, I think of my own great and overriding disturbance: that of how this country - my country - has fallen so far away from its rule of law.

The notion that the Constitution is 'a living document' is hogwash.  Is an asinine one.  Is shyster lawyer trickery silly stuff'n nonsense.  Which makes of the Constitution but a wet noodle; "just a damn piece of paper," as George W. is said to have characterized it.  (And yes, this is a 'bipartisan' issue.  The Usurper, Obama, and the Democrats are not alone in their treachery.)  Makes of it a dead letter, whereby 'Words mean what I say they mean,' in the arrogant words of Humpty Dumpty.  Who, one may recall, had a great fall.  And so will this nation, if it doesn't get back up to snuff.

That is all.  For now.

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