Thursday, 20 April 2017

Do Things Have To Get Worse...

...Before They Can Get Better??

I ask, because that is the only way that I personally can make any sense out of a lot of what is going down these days.

Item.  A friend emailed me about an action of Trump's over in Afghanistan, which seems overkill - literally:

Sent: Wednesday, April 19, 2017
To: Stan Stanfield
Subject: The MOTHER of All Bombs!?

I'm afraid Trump is taking us into WWIII. The dropping of an 11-ton bomb on who-knows-who in Afghanistan totally disqualifies him as a human being. He cannot recover from this.

And what an indictment on the Western world and its values—naming the ultimate death-bringing device the "Mother" (that life-giving, creative, nurturing principle) of All Bombs!!

WE cannot recover from that.

We are truly and rightfully doomed.

(My reply - April 19)

I admit that it is bad stuff.  We do seem to have gone over an edge.  However, I'm still a believer that it had to get worse before it could get better.  That that is The Way things just are.  Like a fever.

Which I very much hope will break any day now.



And then today, another friend emailed me something that caused me to trot out the same rationale, in order to make some sense of that situation.  This friend emailed me a copy of a channeled message from 'Matthew' from earlier this month.  I had actually seen it when it first came out (I follow that channeling, as I do some others, mostly just to keep an eye on such material), but chose to ignore it, in order to keep some semblance of cool.  But here it was again, and in my face doubly from something that I had also received today, this one in the snail mail, which had left me feeling that I had had just enough.  I'll let my response talk for itself:

'Right, Matt.  Your "visionary leader with spiritual and moral integrity" (who was an ineligible occupant of that office to begin with; but what's a little constitutional fact have to do with the 'larger picture,' eh, Matt old boy??) finally finished his stint at "fundamentally transforming the United States of America" into a Third World hellhole, full of unintegrated peoples (excuse me; let me be PC for a moment, and call them by that oh-so-nice term that has been employed for the occasion of the overthrow of the U.S.A., that of 'multiculturalism' - which is being tried out in Europe [as well,] with horrendous results, as we speak) who will reliably vote overwhelmingly Democrat because that's who gave and gives them all their goodies; destroying the Middle Class in the process, because the rich know how to game the system too, with the help of shyster lawyers.  Great legacy, Barry.  But then, you were only doing your duty.   Weren't you; you effing shyster yourself. And a person can spell that, and mean that, as scheisster, with the same sort of intent.

'Yes, channelers can come up with some good stuff.  This just happens to be an exception to the rule.

'Take my state.  (Please.)  As Ann Coulter pointed out in her book, 'Adios, America!' (at least as carried over into a letter that I have just received from her, wherein she quoted herself):

'"Thanks to unchecked immigration, there are now more Hispanics in California (at least 14 million) than there are people in 46 other states!  Considering such immigrants vote 80% Democratic, it's no wonder that's become a one-party state...:"  

'And which is why this state does not require a photo ID to vote (when it even makes them easily available; just show a copy of your birth certificate or naturalization papers at your nearest Dept. of Motor Vehicles, and that's it): so that the illegal aliens, and legal aliens who aren't yet citizens (if they even consider becoming such), cannot be barred from the voting process.  And are even welcomed into it, by TPTB in this state.  From Governor Gerald 'Jesuit Jerry' Brown on down.  Who, incidentally, is angling to become El Presidente in a nation of its own, when California secedes from the Union, as per current political machinations going on.  And people like me - an elderly white male - will be told to Get Out, or Get Killed: La Raza Is Taking Over Now.

'But then I have been kindly reminded to watch my blood pressure;[1] so I'll go no further in this vein.  But just to say (in coming down a bit):

'Matthew had some interesting things to say about both Trump and Putin.[2]  And I accept that we Earthlings don't have access to The Larger Picture (the "broader view").  In which Barry Soetoro (his legal name, as near as I can ascertain) may well have played a 'high spiritual' role.  As in, helping to bring things to a head.  As in a fever.  So that it can break.  And we can move on from where we were, to a better, healthier state of being.

'But to say that Obama "is as light-filled today as he was when Gaia chose this soul to become US president..." is, just simply, a bit much.

'And I'll let my little diatribe go at that. 

'Meanwhile, I have to watch my state, of the United States, go down the tubes, because of all this crap.  So spare me any more 'insights' like these of Matthew.  My system just simply won't be able to take it.'




[1 My friend knows how I feel about the Usurper, and gave me fair warning before I got into the message.]

[2 Besides praising Obama, and 'apologizing' for him for not having been able to do all that he had wanted to do, because of the Illuminati (which makes one shake one's head, in wonderment at how someone could know about and negatively acknowledge the Illuminati and not include Obama in that totalitarian New World Order crowd), Matthew made some interesting comments about both Trump - not all friendly, but at least with some understanding - and Putin, who Matthew 'correctly' acknowledged was being attacked by said Illuminati crowd (via their bullshithorns in the MSM), for being a fly in their ointment.]  


What to make of all this.

I think that it is, indeed, very possible that Obama is a highly spiritual soul, who chose a very difficult role to play in this business unfolding in our time, of the End of an Age, and a very special one at that: the last of them on this particular level of experience.  A role, as I posit, to 'bring things to a head'.  But to consider Obama as being "as light-filled today as he was when Gaia chose this soul to become US president" - with no explanation as to why he could be looked on in such an august fashion - ???

It sounds like bullshit to me.  And needs to be taken with a huge grain of salt at best.  Just as so much of such channeling does, with our not knowing what level it is coming from (e.g., possible astral junk from mischievous, if not outright malevolent, spirits), and having to judge such material by our personal discernment beepers well on.

But at least, much of it is far better than the overwhelming fake news of the Mainstream Media, which is so in the pocket of our erstwhile masters that the presstitutes must have to spit the lint out of their mouths before they can even begin to ask the questions that they then want to use to spin the news the way that their masters want them to.  

How they look themselves in the mirror at the end of their day in service to their masters, I don't know.  Perhaps some of them are filled with self-loathing, that they assuage by consumption of copious amounts of alcohol, and/or other drugs, including sex.  Perhaps some of them actually believe in The Cause, of the totalitarian police state that TPTB envision for the planet.  Perhaps - 

but then, this is all speculation.

All that matters, really, 'at the end of the day,' is

the Truth.

And May It Out.

And damn soon.  I'm getting sick and tired of having to live in a realm of perdition.  Just to do my job.  And then, get the hell out of here.

And literally.

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