Friday, 14 April 2017

On Having Had Enough Of Deception

This past evening (Thursday) I watched the second in a 7-part series of docu-videos titled 'The Truth About Vaccines'.  It is bringing up all the old feelings that I had in the mid- to late '90s when I first came across the horrific story of the truth about vaccines; being stunned, appalled, and then very angry, to the point of rage.  I had come close to being one of those allopathic doctors who are apparently so brainwashed by their medical union and their Big Pharma professional friends in the drug-prescribing business that they just haven't cottoned on to the fact that there is a terrible, terrible downside to this vaunted medical modality; that vaccines are NOT 'safe and effective'.  Fortunately I didn't go on into medical school from my undergraduate days at university; my life took a different turn.  Towards


I don't want to go into the sordid details here, of what that downside looks like.  I'll just say that it involves the 'likes' of neural damage and auto-immune diseases.  To the tune of being epidemical, in all their forms.  And it is time to put a halt to this atrocious scam.

And another such scam, and rather related, is what can be called, and fall under the title of, 'fake news'.


from ‘Spicer’s ‘Hitler’ Comments Were Bad, But the Media’s Reaction Was Way Worse…and HYPOCRITICAL!’ - Jeff Dunetz - April 12 (orig. posted at Jeff Dunetz’s blog The Lid)
(WH spokesman Sean Spicer had attempted to demonize Assad by saying that ‘even such a bad guy as Hitler didn’t gas his own people,’ and a reporter immediately queried him on the Holocaust ‘thing’.  Which caused him to try to back down a bit, and clarity what he meant.  We all knew what he meant.  But it  - and his apologetic rounds of the news shows later on - came across as just another victim of the Holocaust meme.  Of which sort of thing: Enough already.)


This is such a nonsense story in two ways. First, only a fooled person would believe that Assad would use poison gas. He had nothing to gain and everything to lose by doing so. This was obviously a false flag op - if even that. If it truly happened, it didn't happen by bombs falling from a government plane taking out rebel emplacements; it happened by either a plane under the control of the rebels bombing a rebel-held building where they had housed chemical weapons, and they capitalized on their release by spinning the story with the help of the MSM, or by a government plane taking out a rebel-held area not knowing there were chemical weapons stored in one of the buildings. And also, all of the activity at the scene could have been a set-up, with crisis actors, and the corrupt White Helmets being involved. (Remember that it turned out that the rebels staged the gas attack in 2013, to make it LOOK like the Assad government had done it - and counted on the MSM to help sell the scam to a gullible world; especially to the American people - to get the U.S. to back them in their - and their New World Order masters’s - takeover attempts of the Assad government.)

The other nonsense story, that we need also to unmask, is the fake news story about the Nazis gassing Jews in their slave labor concentration camps. Even the Auschwitz tour guides in recent years have admitted to inquirers that the ventilation holes in the [roofs of the] shower stalls, which the Nazis were purported to have tossed their gas canisters down, weren't there originally, but were installed by the Soviet communists after the war's end, to paint their fascist enemies in the worst light possible. There is no trace of gas having been released in those shower stalls; they would have left staining on the walls, for one thing. The Zyklon-B gas at the camps was obviously used for disinfecting lice from the inmate's clothing, as it shows in the small container spots used for that purpose. Unscrupulous Jews cynically used their own people after the war in a scam to elicit reparations from the German people [by making the claim of inmates having been gassed whilst in the camps]. The terribly emaciated bodies that we saw at the end of the war were due to the Allied bombings of the railway systems, thus interdicting food [supplies] to be able to be gotten to the concentration camps.  Those inmates suffered it hard enough (including other minorities), not to be cynically used by Jewish leaders after the war to pave the way for a return to their supposed homeland - even though most European Jews were descended from the Khazars, who were a converted people of Turkic extraction, not bloodline Jews. A long story in itself. ALL of which needs to come out, and we start living by Truth. Not propaganda. We have lived under that deceitful burden long enough.*


* N.B.: With the '6 million' ('Jews killed in the Holocaust') a meme, dating from the early part of the 20th century, when Zionists were trying to make the world believe that that many Jews were involved in the Diaspora, and thus were rightful to be allowed a homeland of their own.  Even honest Jews have disclosed this scam.
     As Mossad says: 'By Way Of Deception, Thou Shalt Wage War.'  And boy, have they, just.


It really is time to leave The Old behind, and move into The New.

What would - will - that look like??

If I had my way, it would have such features as:

* Enough 'money' for everybody, with a gold and other precious metals backing (there is enough gold  for everybody to have a high 'standard of living'; the info about which we have been deprived).  No more fiat/interest-bearing money (or fractional-reserve banking), which has rightly been called 'money as debt'.  And as to that subject:

* A Jubilee declared, all over the world, with all debts erased, and a Fresh Start, in the New World.  With the RV, or Reval, a part of this stage of the operation.

Why would anybody work, if they have all the 'money' that they need??  Because we are building The New:

* That New World to be oriented to the Will of our Creator Source; not to the little wills of men.
     It's time to move beyond religions, and into spirituality itself: the awareness that we are 'spiritual beings having a human experience'.  (But religions can remain, as long as their adherents wish them, and as long as they do not impinge on the fundamental rights of others.)  The motive power for society functioning being to share goods and services with one another - and give of our best in the process - out of a higher motive that that of making a profit.  Out of the highest motive that there could ever possibly be: Out of gratitude to our Creator Source for life with meaning.
   Out of, in a word: Love.

* The Dark forces taken out of their positions of power, and held for either integration into The New, or taken elsewhere, for further measures to be implemented.
   And speaking of them:

* All sorts of technology released for human use, which has been kept secret by our erstwhile masters, to keep us prisoners in their totalitarian New World Order.  Such technology as free energy devices (of various kinds) and 'replicators'/manifesters, designed to 'dial in' the DNA codes for whatever one fancies.  (Note: 3d printers are a good 'lead-in' to this technology.)

* A reunion with our Space Being ancestors, and other entities Out There; together, to bring this corner of the universe into alignment with the higher Will.

* All of this, in relation to our Ascension to a higher level of consciousness than the one that has brought us to this Crisis point.

For, we are really and truly there.

Or haven't you noticed how terribly close the world is to global war.  And all that obscene sort of thing.

Come on, People of Planet Earth.  We can do this.

We.  Can.  Do.  This.

If only because

we need to.

Necessity being the Mother of Invention, and all.

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