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When The Going Gets Tough...

from ’Trump Is Compromised Says Paul Craig Roberts - Is he Correct?’ - Dave Hodges - April 28

Stan April 29, 2017 at 12:11 am
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Good thoughts, Dave. I agree that Trump needs to clean out the Deep State denizens and pronto. But I also agree that the New World Order crowd have something on him, that is leaving him compromised, and they are giving him a way out, via the Impeachment caper; which will bring in someone closer to their thinking: Pence. Because The Game is down to its last moves, and they will brook no block to their long-planned-for Checkmate move of a call for martial law, and that way of corralling all of us FEMA Camp inmate types into their gulag. And they know that both that move on their part, and the initial response to the impeachment attempt, will generate a reaction from us ‘domestic terrorists,’ i.e., patriots; and thus the moves to stifle that reaction, via the UN-led military maneuvering into position, and ultimately the CBN warfare mode being practiced as we speak.

How they got so far embedded in our own military as to feel that they could pull this off is another question for another day. Right now, we need to alert the American people to what is going down. And for that: Well done, Dave Hodges, & Co. in the alternative media area. And speaking of that: Are you fully aware of how difficult our internet connections are these days, as fallout from those power outages of more than a week ago? I live in L.A. County, and I can hardly make contact with much of my email linkage to info on what is going on in the country and the world. It would appear that TPTB have already made some of their (well-planned-for) wrapping-up moves on us.

I still trust the American people to come through, and foil these best-laid plans of our erstwhile masters. But we need to stay on alert. So, continue to help keep us on it, Dave.


As I have said before:

The bigger the challenge, the greater the accomplishment.

The Dark forces are certainly giving us a great the end.


P.S. On another front of the war going on:

from ‘Carlson Surprised By Constitutionalist, Actor Richard Dreyfuss - Serious Ideas to Restore America’ - Rick Wells - April 29
(Dreyfus has done some good research into the American form of government, and kicks off a good discussion with Tucker Carlson of FOX News, including Dreyfus’s idea of calling “a civics strike, and get(ing) the attention of all the people that deserve to pay attention…”)

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Good thoughts. But clearly, the Constitution gives the Executive the power and the responsibility to see that the laws of the land are “faithfully executed”. Withholding federal funds provided to states by the executive branch of the federal government to further that end can easily be argued as a legitimate factor in the Executive’s seeing that that [responsibility] takes place. The Executive is under no compulsion to continue to fund, out of executive branch-controlled and -designated monies, states which are violating the law of the land.

Having said that: More power to the notion of bringing Civics back into the educational arena. And doing a major cleanout of said area of our community life of subversive ideologues should certainly be up at the top of the To Do list of any rational Executive of this nation.

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