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Now It Needs To Be Told

This Isn’t Kansas, Toto

As we head towards crunch time - with the New World Order Crowd now making their major move towards world hegemony - there is something in particular that needs to be said.  And that has to do with the world’s religions in general, and Christianity/Judaism in particular. 

My background regarding this latter subject.

Back in 1955 - precisely on the day that I turned 21, interestingly enough; i.e.,’of age’  - I dropped out of university, on the West coast of the States, and shortly thereafter made my way across the continent to New York City, where I figured that there was ‘the largest public library in the Western world,’ in order to engage in research - primarily, but not exclusively - into the origins of Christianity.  I had had a ‘spiritual experience’ at university (Stanford, in the Bay Area of California) shortly before I left it, that left me feeling that I had received a message from a higher realm: that - as I translated it into my words - 'the universe has Purpose; and that purpose is Good.'  I decided then and there to find out what this was all about - my ’message,’ and that Purpose.    

So, off to Manhattan I went, to do my research, as I say, particularly into the origins of Christianity;1 wanting to locate, and learn to read, original source material, if I could.  In the event, I didn’t come across any of that level of research material; but I did come across a lot of very interesting research material nevertheless, especially by German scholars; which led me to realize that there was a fundamental problem with the Christian religion.  That a) there was no original-source material in the common-man’s vernacular of the day in that area - i.e., Aramaic - but rather in Greek, and of that, only dating back to the tail end of the Common Era and into the second century thereof (and even later); and b) Christianity - the basic belief system thereof - was based on the myths of many god-men extant at that time, and dating back to well before said Common Era.

I am saying that all of the ‘themes’ of the supposed historical life of Jesus were already extant at the time, describing the ‘life’ of many other savior-type god-men.  A virgin birth;2 born on December 25th (the return of the Sun/Son after being buried in the tomb of the Earth for three days after the winter solstice); the god-man’s coming announced by Three Wise Men,3 pointing to ‘the star in the East’;4 and on and on the same themes march from there: something special in the life of the god-man at the ages of both 12 and 30, Twelve Disciples (the zodiac), performing miracles, walking on water, healing the sick, raising the dead; and speaking of the latter: burial for 3 days, resurrection, and ascension - all, features of other savior god-men of the time.5  It is as though someone ‘threw the book’ of such features onto the ‘New Testament’ figure of Jesus.  And there is considerable evidence as to who that person was.

A Jew by the name of Josephus.  A governor of Galilee and Roman subject at the time that a Roman general by the name of Vespasian was putting down yet another insurrection of the Jews, refusing to wear the yoke of Imperial Rome; and, landing in very dire straits, figuring out how to get himself out of them, and into the good graces of Vespasian.

It is a most intriguing story, the final part of which I have just come across, in a book titled ‘The Secret Society of Moses,’6 which puts all the pieces of the puzzle together for me, at last.  After all this time, and continued research.

To summarize it.  At the time of Vespasian - and around the time that his eldest son, Titus, sacked Jerusalem and finished the destruction of the Temple7 - Josephus took advantage of prophecies already extant at the time that the Roman general would become emperor to ingratiate himself into the good graces of the man, not only by assuring him that he, Josephus, could help him quell the incessant rebelling of the Jews, but do so by making him the Father of the mighty Empire and his son, Titus, the Messiah of the Jews.  What?! Vespasian perhaps said; and, intrigued by this learned and cunning Jew, going on by saying,’Tell me more’.  And Josephus spelled it out for him: a scheme involving him, Josephus, writing a bogus story about a messianic figure back at the beginning of the generation - complete with all the trimmings of the god-men of the day - who prophesied his return in the form of Titus, scourging the Jews for being ‘a wicked generation’ for their spirit of rebellion against the might of Imperial Rome, which Josephus saw as being unable to be beaten in a frontal assault, like his less imaginative cohorts were attempting, but to be done in from the inside.

And so it came to be.  Josephus concocted a 'render unto Caesar' fable - and weaving himself into it, to boot8 - pointing to Titus as the Messiah of the Jews, in an attempt to get said Jews to stop their incessant rebelling against the might of Rome; and, in return for said favors (and some of the Temple treasures as well, which, because of his membership in the priestly class, Josephus had access to), became a member of the imperial family of Vespasian (the Flavians; hence the name, Josephus Flavius), when Vespasian ascended to the throne.9  But what I didn’t know until getting into the ’Secret Society of Moses’ book was that Josephus was accompanied by quite a large number of his fellow Jewish priestly class and their families.  And those priests, and their male progeny, became the leading figures of the new religion.  Which was orchestrated into becoming ultimately the state religion of the Roman Empire.  As the priestly line of Jews worked their way further into positions of authority over the people, not just of Jewry.  But of the world.  In a universal religion, created by Josephus, in the guise of one Saul become Paul (a play on his dual identity).  And in the form of many of the royal families of Europe.  

Which cover identities they can now discard, with their securing of the ‘high ground’ in the world in the form of controlling the Mainstream Media in the U.S. and elsewhere, the banking industry (and all the ’forces’ that money controls and can buy; like the BLM crowd, and the mob of Congresspersons in D.C.), the 'institution' of education; and so much else.  On their way to fastening their totalitarian New World Order on humanity.  Throwing Christianity to the wolves now (you will have noticed), as having served its purpose, and now being capable of being thrown off, as a hindrance, to their actually secular kingdom.10  

Just thought of - by them; and the duped - as ‘religious’.  Because it is all, and has all been, all the time, about one thing, and one thing only.


Or rather, a particular expression thereof:

Power Over.  As in Power Over Others.

When the true spiritual factor in the life experience is a different kind of power.

Power With.  And Within.  In alignment with the Will of 

the Most High.

Not some inferior degrees of godship. 

For, we are all gods.  In the ‘making’ - to say, the unfolding.  For being part of 

the One. 

The All That Is.  In the end.

Blessed be the Nameless One.  The Unutterable One.  

Being uncovered - unfolded.  In a theater of operations near



1 But I got into ‘all of it’: All of the religions; Theosophy; Spiritualism; Reincarnation; ESP; UFOs; the whole nine yards, before I was through.  At that time.  Having been brought up short in my ‘other-worldly’ endeavors by receiving a letter from the U.S. government, which said, in opening: ‘Greetings…’  To say: I was now, having dropped out of school, subject to the Draft.
   All another story.  But just to clarify: It did not stop me from continuing my quest, on the other side of that two-year hiatus. Which has become a life-long ‘thing’ for me.
   Different strokes.    

2 Signaling right there that such material was fanciful; mythological in character, signaling the attempts by Early Man to make some sense of the life experience, what it was all about; and doing it in ways that mirrored ‘the universe,’ in what became known as astrotheology.  But to continue. 

3  i.e., the 3 stars in the belt of Orion 

4 Sirius, the brightest star in the sky; first applied to Osiris, at a minimum dating from circa 1500 BCE, as signaling the annual Nile flood; ”on which all of Egypt’s food supply depended”.  Quoting Barbara G. Walker: ’Man Made God’.  
   See also: ‘Christ In Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection’; ‘The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold’; and ‘Who Was Jesus?: Fingerprints of The Christ’, all by D.M. Murdock/aka Acharya S.
   See esp. also: ‘Jesus, Last of the Pharaohs’ and ‘Jesus, King of Edessa’ by Ralph Ellis, in all this regard. 

5 Some: Attis; Orpheus; Mithras; Dionysus; Heracles; Tammuz; Adonis; and further afield, Krishna.  And titles such as The Lamb of God and The Good Shepherd.  And.  And.  And…
   And something particularly curious about Horus: The Eye of Horus is a cross-section of the pineal gland.  Which is our human physical link to ‘the metaphysical’ - to the higher realms.  Now, how did the ancient Egyptians know about that???
   Mysteries……. 'There is more under heaven and earth, Horatio...'      

6 Subtitled ‘The Mosaic Bloodline and a Conspiracy Spanning Three Millennia’.

7 It turns out that the priestly class had already secreted away the riches of the Temple, and apparently even started its destruction, before Titus’s soldiers ever got there, who then just finished the job already started, as cover for said secreting away of its treasures.

8 As Saul become Paul.  A character whose biblical story directly parallels the historical life of Josephus (as he tells it, in his various writings).  Both of them having 'uncannily' similar episodes in their lives, such as being in a shipwreck on their way to Rome, being in Rome at the same time, etc.  Clever, that fellow.
   Which cleverness extended to his fable about a Jewish messiah, in the personage of Jesus, whose public ministry, as detailed in the (so-called) New Testament, had precise correlations with the ‘later’ military campaign of Titus in Judea.  ‘Foretelling’ that campaign.  Pointing to it, as 'fulfillment of prophetic activity'.  Etc. etc. and etc.  Designed to get the Jews to cease and desist their constant, and ultimately ineffective, rabble-rousing.  And to get them to trust that all would be well in the end……

9 Shades of International Jewry, closer to our day, telling the UK government that they would arrange for the U.S. to enter the war - this is WWI - on their side if the UK government  would likewise arrange for Jews to be able to gain a foothold in Palestine.  Accomplished (in part) under the Balfour Declaration.
   As I say: canny.

10 Forget Islam.  That is just being used by TPTB, to further their own end.  That of their control over the whole ball of wax.  The malleable world, in their rubbing-together shaping hands.  By having instituted interest-bearing money; and they will take care of Islam, after they have brought the rest of the world under their control.
   Interest-bearing money having been foisted on us by charlatans.  And I want it stopped.  Now.
   But to continue.  Here.  For now.

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