Thursday, 27 April 2017

On Waving The Banner...

...For The Right Reason

from ‘Is the UN Preparing for Mass Casualty Event On US Soil?’ - Dave Hodges - April 26
(Hodges has ’spotters’ who have reported to him that not only are UN helis and tanks ‘maneuvering’ on the East Coast - along the Delaware River - but that in California, former military medical personnel are being quietly called up to active duty; leading him to conclude that a mass casualty event is being planned for the U.S..  Possibly the blowing of the Oroville Dam in upper Cal.  No word or speculation as to what the action in Pennsylvania is all about.  Except things heating up in general…)  

Stan April 26, 2017 at 11:57 pm (act. April 27 PDT)
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If this is indeed a serious move by the NWO crowd, which it would appear to be – and not just a feint to see how the U.S. public responds to this provocation, of the UN maneuvering on U.S. soil – and if Trump has not been compromised in some way by that crowd – which includes the NeoCons – then they would be looking to take him out of the loop in some fashion, and therefore, have to declare martial law, and have a general take over, presumably Gen. Dunford, Chair of the JCOS. And since I doubt seriously that Obama had been able to put all of his own NWO people into positions of power in the military chain of command, I would look for the White Hats in the military to make their move at any time now. Because it is unthinkable that the military could be so compromised as not to have loyal personnel still in major positions of responsibility in that sector of U.S. life. So personally, I am looking for a positive response to all this to unfold in the very near future.

The NWO crowd may have been able to brainwash a huge percentage of our youth over these past decades into believing that we are/the U.S. is the Great Satan of the world, and needs to be brought to heel to the UN (for the sake of the environment, of course. Of course). But they certainly couldn’t have accomplished that mission with the great majority of our military. So I continue to be positive about the outcomes here. As long as Trump is not spooked into war, either in Korea or Syria. His succumbing to the NWO Game Plan in the matter of the chemical ‘attack’ in Syria is indeed a worry. Maybe a declaration of martial law by the White Hats in the military would be the best outcome after all. And a thorough housecleaning can take place from there. For the sake of the American Republic. Long may that banner yet wave.

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