Monday, 17 April 2017

'Do What The Doctor Says' - Not

Another hard-hitting episode of 'The Truth About Vaccines'...

This one ended on the note sounded by an investigative journalist who says that he is sensing the rise of 'medical civil disobedience in America' regarding the incessant push by the medical-pharmaceutical complex to give us, children, adults and babies, as many shots as possible.  Why?

One answer: Profit.

Another answer: People Control.

With the Reset coming up, we're talking not just about a Revaluation of currencies against each other, to reflect more their true relative value.  We're talking about the Reset of the monetary system altogether.  And just in time, it would appear, on many fronts of the war going on in the world these days.

The war between our erstwhile masters and The People.

The war, in another way of putting it, between the Dark and the Light.

The end result:

We're taking the profit out of the likes of vaccines.  The only medicines that will be carried over into The New Earth will be those that are of benefit.  To us.  Not to the medical-pharmaceutical industry.

Make that the medical-pharmaceutical-government complex, to include those miserable creatures who are trying to set us up for a world government in their totalitarian New World Order gulag; the former Soviet Union writ large.  Capable of culling us at their will.


Bonuses set for doctors for vaccinating as many of their patients as possible; regardless of the extent of their side effects - including death - known but kept from both the medical union members and the public at large as much as possible...

Judges similarly rewarded by the organizations running private prisons for every piece of product that they can manufacture for them, thus sending many people to prison needlessly for minor crimes.  And speaking of judges; and other, international organizations of a child sex-trafficking nature:

Bonuses for every child adopted out of foster care or sent to a medical facility, which has led to the CPS deliberately taking children away from parents on every flimsy pretext they can think of (not giving the child drugs for supposed conditions like ADHD, not presenting their child(ren) for their vaccines..) in order to have the merchandise for the bonus market...

and on it goes.

Out.  The window.

All crimes against humanity for financial gain:

Out.  With no place for that level of consciousness in the Nova Earth.

P.S. And I see that the New York Times believes in the U.S. using ISIS as a proxy to attack Russia, carry out U.S. foreign policy...

I really don't think that things could get any worse.

And so it's time for the tide to turn.

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