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Signs Of The Times

First, the poison gas caper in Syria; which has all the earmarks of a false flag op.  (Assad had nothing to gain, and everything to lose, by such a move.  He was close to keeping his position in peace talks.  So the Dark forces had to do whatever they could to stop that process.  One basic reason is because there is a coterie of powerful people who want Assad out of power, because of competing oil pipelines, between these Western rogues and Putin's Russia.)  Why would Trump buy into it??  One possible answer:

from ‘Assad Is the Victim of a False Flag from the CIA’ - Dave Hodges - April 8
(“Assad was 48 hours away from signing an agreement that would have left him in power…”)

Stan April 8, 2017 at 10:11 pm
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Thanks for pointing this out, Dave.

At least one report that said that eyewitnesses saw (however that could be) the gas coming from the Syrian bombs (??) came from – wait for it – CNN. The most corrupt network of them all.

What’s going on? I think that Trump has been compromised somehow, that TPTB have something on him (visits to Epstein’s Orgy Island, maybe??), and he is choked off in his abilities to do all that he would more naturally like to do. So this is coming down to White Hats in the military giving The People someone/something to rally around.

Whatever: It’s time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country.


Another - the collapse of a major highway in Atlanta - has brought up the seminal subject of 9/11 (which kicked this last chapter off); to which I made a couple of comments:

from ‘Atlanta Mayor: “Don’t Leave For Work Monday Without A Full Tank Of Gas”’ - Keely Sharp - April 8
(The discussion about the collapse of a section of a major highway took a turn into 9/11.)


What can you expect from a "Dindu Nuffin"? I'm still not convinced "how" this fire got so hot to crack thick cement and collapse steel girders, but after 9/11, I suppose anything is possible, plausible, or believable. Besides, "What difference at this point does it make?" :-o ???

  • DG GenEarly 20 hours ago (April 8)

  • 9/11 was bullshit some girders were wrapped with thermite that burns at 5000 degrees -- There were no airplanes - read John Lear on 9/11 (son of Bill Lear - Lear Jet creator) He said it would be impossible to fly them that low and hit those buildings---And I say - the only time you have seen buildings come down that neatly is during an implosion , like they do in Las Vegas - that is why they cleaned it up so fast, with no investigation

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  •           David in Dallas DG 20 hours ago 

    • Dream on. What source do you cite that says the girders were wrapped in thermite? (Thermite is a powder--how do you wrap anything in it?) There are videos that show airplanes hitting the twin towers, so your statement that there were no airplanes is just plain a lie. You are just another one of the conspiracy freaks who won't accept the simple truth.

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    •           Snake David in Dallas 19 hours ago 

      • Actually thermite can be used in a paste form. If you had half-a-brain you'd know that only thermite burns hot enough to burn through concrete or weaken or melt steel. There are eyewitness accounts from the survivors and first responders of explosions in the basement and lower floors that could NOT have been caused by burning debris 100 stories up. There were also eyewitness accounts from those removing the debris of the towers that found burning and molten steel under ground weeks/months after the actual collapse; this can only occur with thermite in an oxygen deplete environment.
      • As far as the planes - try looking at the photos immediately after the pentagon. The first responders are there trying to put out the fires etc. yet the damage to the outside shows NOW damage to the grassy area in front of the building from a "plane" striking at ground level. Additionally, how is it that a jetliner with a wingspan of 100(+) feet does little to NO horizontal frontal damage to the building? DUH!!!! Also explain the lack of physical debris that IS found at EVERY aircraft crash site in history - luggage, seats, aircraft parts, engines, bodies, etc. People like you are so gullible and believe anything that the government tells you!

      • "To anger a conservative, tell him a lie; to anger a libturd, tell him the truth"!

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      •          DG Snake 18 hours ago 

        • Excellent reply -- loved your last sentence -- they actually have pictures with some vertical beams with 45* angles cut out sticking up

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  •                              markypolo Snake 9 hours ago 

        • Snake: The steel need not get "hot" enough tho melt, just hot enough to collapse under it's load weight. 
        • I don't claim to know all the "facts". But this I KNOW, Islam is the destroyer of civilizations. They are coming to destroy all western culture. Only the idiots and morons are fooled. The last President was elected by them.

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  •                                       DG markypolo 6 hours ago 

          • You are right -- it does not have to melt the steel - just weaken it- but the Thermite was probably a to be sure it would collapse- For the buildings to come down that straight- beams would have to be at a 45* angle so the beam would slide down itself and a few floors down the 45* angle would go the other way - so it would slide down and back to it's original position --and so on down the building--And the WTC pictures actually show that - precise angle cuts beams- google the scene - it is not conspiracy - 
          • The main thing is with the NWO crap - we can not trust our government anymore - it was strange how They went immediately to passing the Patriot act- funny how they had that already drawn up and ready to go - and now they know and record everything we Say, E-mail and text and they can watch us everyplace we go 
          • And you are right about Mooslimes -- THEY do NOT want to become Americans - THEY want Americans to become Mooslimes and trash our Constitution and adopt Sharia-- The Mooslimes have multiple terrorist training camps in our country and the POS Obama was Flooding our country with these Jihadist 'Refugees' -- This might have been their Random attacks , we don't know yet !
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  •                            Lightning Snake 11 hours ago 

        • Snake, you and DG are conspiracy crazed. Ever heard of Ocaam's razor? Me, I'll believe my eyes when it's as clear as 9/11 was.

        • I've read a lot of this conspiracy crap. Always has a big hole in it only someone really needy of knowing something no one else does could overlook. The article we're commenting to is about a fire taking down a section of Interstate. Yet you write "If you had half-a-brain you'd know that only thermite burns hot enough to burn through concrete or weaken or melt steel."

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  •                   kibitzer3 David in Dallas 15 hours ago (April 9)

      • Actually, D in D, what we saw, in the supposed 2nd plane hitting the 2nd tower (no one actually saw a plane hitting the first tower; all we saw, from a conveniently staged video angle, was an explosion there), was the image of a plane going into the tower - and slicing neatly into it and disappearing into it, like a Roadrunner cartoon. Through steel girders and all. It was Hollywood at its finest.

      • There's more to that story. But I'll let this much sink in. Hopefully you won't put steel girders up against its entry into your skull, as it were.

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      •          mikey2046 kibitzer3 7 hours ago (April 9)

        • If airplanes did not fly into the twin towers and the Pentagon, and it was simply special effects, what happened to the airplanes and the people on them? Still being kept captive a black site somewhere? How big does the conspiracy have to be to hold up this long? Additionally, speaking as a fire protection engineer with 30+ years' experience, I can affirm that markypolo is right; the fire only has to be hot enough to weaken the steel (about 1500 degrees F), not melt it, to cause collapse. JP4 burns plenty hot enough to do that.

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  •                                      kibitzer3 mikey2046 a few seconds ago (April 9)

          • First of all, there is a serious question about those flights, and their scheduling; including the fact that none of the purported hijackers were on their manifests, and at least 2 of those planes were seen afterwards (via tail numbers). There is suspicious activity at an airport in Ohio that some investigators have reported on. Plus, there is the business of some 'Israeli art students' having been in the towers ahead of time, doing something with explosives and fuses. The rabbit hole goes deeper and deeper. (One piece of fuselage found at the Pentagon site turned out to be from a similar type airliner that had crashed in a jungle setting some years before, and at least one photo of the P. site shows it with a string of jungle vine on it; the piece obviously salvaged for future use by some of the New World Order perps involved in this outrageous caper.)

          • Please take a look at some of the valuable info that has been developed by a number of private investigators into that scam. (One such good source: The video 'The Anatomy Of A Great Deception' by David Hooper.)

  • And another, where the so-called 'alt media' is showing itself as having been infiltrated by the NWO crowd:

  • from ‘While Trump Smashed Syria, Look What He 
  • Quietly Did in North Korea’ - Wilmot Proviso - April 7
  • (This writer, on a conservative site, characterized the 2013 false flag op regarding the use of poison gas in Syria as the first handiwork of Assad in this sort of scenario.  What??!!  Apparently the NeoCons are taking over conservative sites, to cause disinfo amongst the alternative media.
  • This site only allows comments via Facebook, so I was not able to post my comment there.  And that may well be another ‘sign of the times’: If a site only allows people to post through a Facebook account, and FB is now censoring anything to do with the alternative take on things from the accepted, NWO political line (as is Google, and YouTube, and Twitter), we are in deep, deep trouble.) 

  • Stan - April 9

  • Wilmot, what is this business about the "previous attack in 2013"?  That was 
  • proven NOT to be the work of Assad/the government, but of the rebels, 
  • pretending that it was Assad's doing.  Where have you been??  Listening to the 
  • Mainstream Media all this time???

Things are definitely heating up...

It would pay to keep your wits about you.  And whatever you do:


Question.  Question.  Question.  Dig.  Dig.  Dig.  Go for the true facts; not the concocted fables.

Discernment is the key from here on in.


The End


Late entry, but it sums it all up nicely:

from ‘Cheney, Rothschild, Richardson, Woolsey, Murdoch - Pipeline or Chemical Weapons Behind Syria Push?’ - Rick Wells - April 9/10
(Info on the Board of Genie Energy, and their drilling for oil in the Golan, with Syria/Assad standing in their way of making a killing…)

Stan // April 10, 2017 at 2:51 pm // Reply (act. still April 9 PDT)

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Yes, this rings solid and true, as a main reason for TPTB trying still to oust Assad from power. Why else would they care???

And since Putin/Russia really need that oil business with Europe, they are not going to back down. So it’s Big Crunch time.

Little kids playing with fire…

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