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I Saw This Day Coming... the late '90s, whilst living in Australia.  I had come across disturbing information about vaccines - that they were not the great medical modality that we were led to believe, had a horrendous downside to them, so that the benefits did NOT 'far outweigh' the risks - and started keeping a close eye on that subject from that day to this, reading a good dozen books on the subject, seeing some videos, following the demonizing of Dr. Andrew Wakefield, and so forth.1 And before I left off living Down Under, around the turn of the century,  I saw the future.  It was to be in the form of electronic medical records.

They were being sold - quietly; gently; the old 'slowly slowly' technique - simply as a valuable tool, whereby, for example, if one were in an accident and comatose, their medical records could be looked up easily that way, which could make the difference between life and death, in regards to the medical treatment to be given.  And so forth.  All very up and up.  And then I returned to living in Scotland, and - lo and behold - the same sort of thing was going on there.  And I was thereby confirmed in my 'diagnosis'.  (Aka my gnosis.)

Our erstwhile masters were beginning to make their move on us, more openly.

It all became clearer to me while continuing to live in Scotland, until I left to return to the States, in 2012, and saw the same sort of thing going on here.  Leading, ultimately - inevitably - to now.  The day of the likes of mandatory vaccinations.

No longer for there to be exceptions in the form of religious objections, or philosophical, or whatever.   Those were just stepping-stones to TPTB's ultimate objective:

our herdhood.

Fluoridation is part of the scam as well.  Fluoride, besides being a poison (think rat poison), is a pacifier, and a brain damager.  Especially, in the latter category of effects, in how it clogs up the pineal gland, and thus cuts us humans off from our ability to access the sense of a higher reality than this matrix that we are incarcerated in (like a school).  And so that modality has been used to attempt to keep us herded in their corral as well.  But to continue.

In the last segment of the 7-part series on 'The Truth About Vaccines,' which just completed its run yesterday, now,  it came out that TPTB in the U.S. instituted their electronic medical records-keeping in 2010, as the first step in creating a central government vaccine registry, as part of an 'Implementation Plan,'  which has been tied into a long-range 'Healthy People' project wherein 'guidelines' have subtly become 'goals' - mandatory goals - leading to such 'outcomes' as 90% of the populace to be vaccinated with all manner of shots, including the flu vax.  Which contains mercury (and is now on the vaccination schedule for pregnant females; so that her fetus is getting a dose of the second most toxic element in the world before it is even born), and any number of ingredients, that they have been trying to get as many of us corralled into taking as they could, under the pressure of various scammy epidemics, like the Bird Flu, and Ebola, and so forth (with the Zika virus coming up, on the schedule).  And we're not talking about just our children to get the vax schedule: Young adults and adults themselves are now to be required to take their 'medicine'.  Under what pressure?  Think of not being able to travel, be admitted to sports stadiums, go to the grocery store... -

You think I'm kidding?  When 'they' can now bar children from going to school (both pubic AND private!) if they haven't toed the line of shots on the vaccine schedule??  And with more on the way???  And for adults as well????...

They are taking away our right to refuse a medical procedure.  And especially one as invasive as vaccination shots.  Formulated with whatever our erstwhile masters - for that is the mentality behind this scam - wish to put in them.

To control us.

And even to kill us.

In 2010 the Gates Foundation put up $10 million to make this 'The Decade of Vaccines'.  Electronically tracked, to make sure that we comply - and that no one escapes existing at The Government's Pleasure.  And the Gates Foundation has since put up $6.8 billion - that's BILLION - 'to vaccinate the world'.2  Regardless of our feelings about the matter, and our sense of 'our rights'.  To be overridden by presumed concern for 'the greater good'.

Would the government' really do such a thing??  Why do you think that 'the government' has made such a thing of children not belonging to (the responsibility of) their parents, rather, being capable of being taken away from them (by the CPS) on such pretenses as not having them line up for their shots???3

I won't belabor the point.  Let me just cut to the main point that I want to make out of all this.

And that is, that apparently this is, indeed, all for 'the greater good'.  In the sense that it is bringing up all the darkness in the souls of our erstwhile masters.  So that it can be infused with, and disinfected by, the Light.  For all darkness to be wrung out of our body politic, at this crucial time in our history on this planet.

And they can join the rest of us, on our journey onward and upward.

At their soul's pleasure.



1 Andy was demonized by the London Sunday Times, for coming out against the MMR shot, or 'jab' as they are called in the UK.  He held a press conference in which he reported the findings of a team of gastroenterologists regarding the damaged guts of children who had received the MMR jab and subsequently were diagnosed with autism, and recommended receiving the measles, mumps and rubella vaccines in single doses, for safety's sake, with further study on the subject recommended.   The Sunday Times siced one of their reporters on Wakefield - one Brian Deer - and subsequently accused him of a conflict of interest and being hugely disreputable because he was involved in coming up with such a single vaccine for measles (putting his energy where his mouth was).  What the Sunday Times failed to tell their readership was that one of the sons of its owner (Rupert Murdoch) who sat on the Board of the Times - keeping an eye on his father's investment - also sat on the board of Glaxo-Smith-Kline, which drug company manufactured the MMR in the UK.
   You were saying about a conflict of interest, Deer Brian???

2 These are the 'class' of people (including Ted Turner, and whoever was behind the erection of the  Georgia Guidestones; perhaps the same person) who want to see the world culled down to about 500 million of us subjects.  Or outright slaves.
   Also, Bill Gates is the guy who gave a TED lecture some years ago wherein he made a case for lowering the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere - proposed, by this 'class,' to be detrimental to the environment, causing 'Global Warming' - oops, make that 'Climate Change' - by lowering the number of people on the planet, by means of vaccinations.   Like I'm sure many in the audience, present and later by watching the video of the presentation, I assumed that he meant by it that the more that Third World peoples could be assured that their children would live through the childhood disease years, because of the vaccines they were to be given - by the likes of Mr. Gates - the fewer children they would have, in considering having enough of them available to look after their parents in their old age.
   Now, I'm not so sure that that was what he meant by his presentation.  He, who also wants to vaccinate as many people as possible by way also of spraying by airplane.
   Like spraying pests.

3 What would I do about 'the childhood diseases,' etc.?
   What this series recommends (and some modalities that it didn't touch on).  Beef up our children's immune systems - with knowledgeable diet.  Allow them even to get the childhood diseases, which a) play a role in maturing their immune systems, and b) will give them lifelong immunity to them - and which the females can then pass on to their children, to protect their newborns until their own immune systems can begin to kick in.  And if they do come down with a disease, there are any number of natural treatments, that don't have the damnable side effects to them - neurological disorders, auto-immune disorders; the lot - that the vaccines have.  There is:
   Vitamin A for measles; vitamin C for many conditions, and even in large doses for polio; colloidal silver for the DPT (now DTaP) triad; folic acid (part of the important B complex) for brain defects; the list goes on.

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