Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Further On The Human Tragedy

1) from ‘White House Source: Trump Pushed Back Against Neo-Con Plan To Invade Syria’ - Paul Joseph Watson - April 11
(“Troops massing as deep state plots regime change”)

kibitzer3 - April 11

I hope you’re right about Trump “pushing back,” Paul.  But he should NOT listen to any argument about any deal made by/with Obama.  Obama was a Usurper in the office, and when the Truth outs - as it will - every bit of legislation that he signed into law, and every E.O. that he issued, and every appointment that he made - including to the SCOTUS, and lesser courts - will go with him, into the trash bin.  And that will include any ‘deal’ he supposedly made with Asaad.

Stand your ground, Trump. Don’t listen to the NeoCons.  They want their New World Order.  Don’t let them have it.  Be a true president of the United States of America.

2) from YouTube: ‘Major Evidence That Assad Did Not Conduct Chemical Attacks’ - End Times News Report - April 9 
(“The current march to war in Syria is being justified by claiming that Bashar al Assad used chemical weapons on his people. This video demonstrates evidence that Assad did not have chemical weapons because they were all destroyed in 2014…”  - under U.S. auspices…)


If you want to know what's really going on, just ask Gen. Wesley Clark to repeat his story.


In the meantime, Pedogate continues...

...and the Hillsdale College course on American Heritage continues to demonstrate how the Founding generation were not all that sure that Man was up to self-governance, but they were willing and determined to give it their best shot...


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