Saturday, 8 April 2017

Ready For More

In thinking about what I wrote yesterday in my blog - titled ‘Stop And Think’ - about how we come back and back and back in cycles, often recapitulating the same learning themes, individually and collectively, I found myself being most intrigued that, in my reading this afternoon - accompanying some time in the sun - I came across the subject of the ancient Therapeutae.  It was in the book by D.M. Murdock titled ‘Christ In Egypt’ (subtitled ‘The Horus-Jesus Connection’); which essentially demonstrates, in extreme detail, the similarities between the old Egyptian religion (circa 1500 BCE at the very least) and the ‘new kid on the block,’ the Christian one.  The Therapeutae were a “class of persons” (as the contemporary Hellenized Jewish historian Philo categorized them, in his work ’On The Contemplative Life’) around the early years of what has become known as the Current Era (CE, or AD) in the Mediterranean area and centered at Alexandria who were considered as being like the Essenes of the Qumran area in Palestine, inasmuch as their living in community, and being considered as “physicians of souls” or “servants of the One God,” although the Essenes permitted women members.  Similar to the spiritual community in the north of Scotland called the Findhorn Foundation, which I was a member of for many years, and which was referred to by Sir George Trevelyan - a respected figure in philosophical life in the UK - as ‘the Essene Community of the New Age’.  

I was one of them for many years; and I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if I were not also ‘one of them’ of the earlier go ‘round of such inwardly drawn individuals.  For, that is the sort of life that I have been drawn to; not just in the Findhorn Community experience, but for a long time in my current life.  

Before I went to join the Findhorn community, in very early 1976, I had been drawn to spend weekend retreats in: a Vedanta monastery (in southern California); a Trappist monastery (in northern California); and a Cistercian monastery (in Big Sur country on the coast in central California).  They all worked for me to the extent of a weekend spiritual retreat.  None of them worked for me in the sense of being drawn to join them.  ‘Findhorn’ was the closest to what I was looking for.  But it began to be too ‘daily life’ oriented for my ‘taste’.1  And besides, it was obviously time for me to go.  Indicated on a number of levels.  Including what was going on in my home country.

You see, I am a spiritual seeker for Truth by ‘nature’.  But I am also an American.  And a very passionate one, in this life.  And I am not amused by what is going on in my home country; which is supposed to be like unto a beacon of Light for all humanity, in its championing of the Individual as opposed to the almighty State, dictating to its subjects what all they can say or do, or even think.2

It’s '1984' all over again.

So, I was drawn to come back to my home country, and keep an eye on things, and ‘lend a hand’ as I could.

To help it through its ‘white water’ time.   For us all

to get to the other side. 

And just in time.           

And so, in sum: In this day and age, I am more interested in the intricate beauty of flowers3 than I am in power and/or wealth.  It is as though, Been there.  Done that.  Ready for more.

And more than ready.

And for much more than in the past bites at the apple of Life that we have experienced, on this sorely put-upon planet of ours.  

That we have been given.

To prove ourselves out on.  


1 It seemed to me that it was becoming less of the spiritual community with members that I had joined and more of a workshop center with employees.  All another story.

2 As per the current obscene moves by Google and Facebook and YouTube and Twitter to freeze out from their platforms 'conservative' voices - i.e., sites that do not toe the Leftist line, rather, engage in alternative 'messaging' from the MSM's fake news, which is becoming the only (collective) voice that TPTB will allow into the human socio-political arena for consideration.
   Shades of our universities having become indoctrination centers; totally subversive to the whole concept of a 'university'.
   But to continue.

3 speaking of catching the detail of things, as I mentioned in a recent sour posting about the atrocious state of spelling/literacy in the U.S.

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