Saturday, 22 April 2017

The Play Is Over

as far as I am concerned.  It's hardball time.

I have just viewed the first of the 7-part series titled 'The Truth About Vaccines,' having missed it at the beginning of that series that has just recently ended, which I followed through right to said end.  And if I had any doubts before, about what needs to happen now, I have them no longer.

I have been aware of this appalling vaccination 'collateral damage' shit since the '90s.  And it has just gotten worse.  Enough is enough.

It's clean-house time.   Time, not just to support more and more people waking up, and claiming their essential sacredness, as 'spiritual beings having a human experience,' and so the change that needs to take place doing so one soul at a time.  But to make a systemic change.  And I do understand that just blocking people from being able to do some sort of skullduggery is not the real answer, that the real answer lies in a change of heart; so that totalitarian states which deprive people of freedom, to say choice, are barking up the wrong tree, ultimately.  But when a long train of abuses, etc. etc....

What am I saying?  I am saying that there comes a time in human affairs when the Game is up, the Play is over.  That it is time to do away with the main engine of corruption.  Not money itself.  But

the profit motive.

Without it, we will no longer have this terrible, obscene situation that the medical-pharmaceutical-government complex has put us in, whereby our children are growing up through a fiendish veil of iatrogenic harm, via the good-intentioned idea of vaccines having gone horribly wrong - for lack of scientific rigor, to faithfully observe the contraindications.  We will no longer have this equally terrible situation going on today whereby children are 'trafficked', a) for sexual pleasure for whoever wants to play, but especially b) for the profit involved.  Nor will we also have the horrendous situation where so many people are strung out on drugs, and dying by the thousands from overdoses.  Nor will we have wars any longer, because

there will be no profit in it, for the warmongers.

All,  because we are going to stop using the interest-bearing money system (along with its partner in crime, fractional-reserve banking).  Which results in the condition known as 'money as debt' - which is growing, now, exponentially.  And which we simply do. not. need, in order to exchange goods and services with one another, on this beautiful planet that we are trashing potentially beyond its capacity to recover from (think Fukushima).  All because of one thing, and one thing only.

Not, as I say, money per se.  'Money' per se - in its form of currency - is just a convenient medium of exchange.

But interest-bearing money.

Because of the motive of making a profit.

Rather than a - the - higher motive, for human interaction, which we are capable of, when we identify ourselves with our true selves.  As indicated above.  And thereby substitute for the concept of a 'profit' the highest motive possible:

that of sharing our goods and services with one another - and giving of our best in the process - out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning.

Out of, in a word:


Which we are now, by 'force' of Crisis, having to do anyway, as the Opportunity that that Crisis offers us.

And just in time, it would increasingly appear.

That.  Or spiral down into abject disaster.  Complete, and utter, global disaster.  With 'things' having been brought to that level now.

Some choice.

I hope that you, personally, make the right one.  At this juncture, in human history.  Because the bulk of us are going Up.

With you.  Or without you.

If you can't make the grade - can't make that reach in yourself, to your higher self, beyond your conditioned self - you will, simply, have to go elsewhere.

Because this vehicle is going


So, what would - will - it look like??

Much the same as now.  Just that our currency will simply be a matter of exchanging goods and services, for itself.  And with the technology that we have now, we simply keep an electronic record of everyone's credits and debits.  Much like the LETS system - Local Energy (or Exchange) Trading System - that is in vogue in some communities; just writ large.  Global large.

Note: There is a danger in such a degree of technology/control, in the wrong hands.  The hands of the current system's operators; who function on the motive of making a profit.  That old system that we were warned about centuries ago.

And now, we can see why.  And in spades.  As it pits us against each other.  Rather than cooperating with one another.  In our common purpose.

Of bringing the kingdom of Heaven down to Earth.

And supported in that process by the fact that there is an abundance of gold, just waiting for us to 'inherit' it.  By showing that we are capable of handling it properly.  For 'the greater good'.  Enough of it, to give everyone a sufficient amount of 'income' to start their lives fresh, under the New Era.  As a backing - along with other precious metals; especially silver - to our new monetary system.  Until we 'get the hang of it' - until we get things rolling, and can ultimately do away with money altogether.  As the Era of Abundance, and high technology, kicks in.

Oh.  And did I mention that we start off with a Jubilee, of all debts forgiven??

Sometimes, one overlooks the details...

...but don't get me started on that subject.*  Let me just wrap this blog up with the observation that

it's time.

Really time.

For us to rise to this occasion.

Let's get cracking.

A - the - New World awaits our doing so.

And won't wait much longer.  For us to take it at its high tide.

Its big Opportunity tide.

Is urgent Opportunity tide.

And thus, to leave all the darkness behind.

Which has had its day in the sun.

Now, to relinquish the space.  To

the Light.

Within us all.

Just waiting to manifest on the outer.

Big time.

The Play being over.  And time, now, for

the Real Thing.


* as the difference between a born citizen and a natural born citizen.
   Just a little difference, you might say.
   But with such huge consequences.  As we have experienced.
   To learn from.  As is 'it' all,  on this level, of duality and - seeming - separation.
   But to continue.

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