Monday, 10 April 2017

The Crux Of The Matter

We come now to the crux of the matter.  The matter, of Whither Thou Goest, Earthlings.

Consider.  We are deep in a basically silent revolution.  Not the revolution that I referred to in my last blog.  But the revolution going on amongst us - in young and old alike - of persons who are basically quietly working - and manipulating - towards a One World government, controlled by those Dark-force souls who are behind the secular New World Order ‘movement’.  Who are attempting to erase national borders.  And national pride  And are orchestrating a monetary-system collapse into being, as we speak, to further their end.

As Steve Eichler, of one of the Tea Party groups in the country, has just said in a mailing:

“Dear Friend,

“We’re told the Federal Reserve is supposed to keep our money sound, prevent inflation, stop ‘bubbles’ from bankrupting the nation, and stabilize our currency.

“And they have failed miserably!” 

But, of course, it depends on what one’s meaning of ‘failed’ is.1

Let’s be clear on what is going on here.  TPTB - that group mostly of very wealthy and otherwise very powerful people who mean to control the world in a dystopian ‘1984’-style Order Out of Chaos dictatorship - are busily planning and organizing for the collapse of the Western world’s monetary system, so that they can come out of the collapse in a stronger position than before - having bought up many businesses and industries for pennies on the dollar thereby2 - and with even more stringent controls on 'us' than before.  Including eliminating ‘money’ - currency - altogether, and making everything go electronic.  Which, of course, is a major people-control factor.   

But hey - that/this system needs to ‘crash’ anyway.  Preferably, simply to dissolve.  To be replaced by a higher form of exchange between us Earthlings.  One which is predicated on our being ‘spiritual beings having a human experience,’ and not as subjects to a Master Class of totalitarian-minded thugs.

You see, what is going on is a Plan.  A Plan - aka a Process - of evolution of consciousness.  Hegel had his finger on it (he just didn’t have the outcome correct)3.  He ‘saw’ that socio-political things unfold by a series of movements he called the dialectic: A position - he called the ’thesis’ - triggers a reaction to it - called the ‘antithesis’ - which process results in a new position, ‘classically’ incorporating features of both parts of the process, which he called the ’synthesis,’ but because the process is not fully completed at that point, that stage becomes the ‘thesis’ of another go ‘round of development.4  Until ‘you’ - we - get to the end of The Process.  

Which would be a global state of The Process. 

Which is where we are at now.  With the Dark side having made its move of takeover of the whole shebang.

Which has triggered its antithesis, on that global level.  Which makes it

the final


Welcome to Nova Earth.

In the making.

As we speak.

Which includes moving beyond just the developmental stage of religions.

And moving to

the Real Thing:

the awareness that 

We Are All One.

Parts - facets, fractals, aspects, points of view, rays of experience - of

the One Holy Being.

The All That Is.

The 'kingdom' Manifestation of which is coming.  To a Nova Earth near -

very near -  


P.S. Many people in the 'spiritual movement' are talking about the likes of love and bliss.  Yes, that is all part of the Nova Earth 'thing'.  But in the meantime, there is The Drama to consider.  Some will deal with it by not engaging in it - not giving it 'juice' - and helping to bring about The New that way.  Others - of a more Service-oriented bent - still have to deal in that world.  A world that expresses The Drama in the likes of real bombs - as recently in the Christian churches attacks in Egypt - and crisis actors pretending to be victims of the likes of gas attacks.  (Or 'just' bombs; as in the Boston Marathon Bombing even-announced-at-the-site 'drill'.) Which stage-prop stuff can all too easily lead to at least the hovering threat of WWIII, as part of the dramatic pieces to the scenario.  It's all disgusting.  But apparently, part of - and an integral part of - The Play.  (To get our attention; 'catch our consciences'.)
     So I guess I have to accept it.
     But I am not a happy camper, in doing so.
     I want us to move ON.
     And into
     The New.
     And leave the fake reality behind.  In all of its manifestations.


1) He goes on to say:
   “The Fed is out of control and you and I need to step up and rein it in.    
   “That’s why I need you to fill out, sign and date the enclosed AUDIT THE FED NATIONAL SURVEY and return [it] to me at Tea Party Command as soon as possible…” 
   Shades of the long-standing call of Ron Paul, and as carried on by his son, Senator Rand Paul.  Which has earned them particular notoriety, and landed them both on a list, headed by them, of people considered to be ‘potential domestic terrorists’.  And which is now being activated to actual, rather than ‘potential’, status; as the Fed raises interest rates, which is a sure sign that the various bubbles - like the subprime credit for auto loans (similar to the subprime mortgage crisis in 2007/8) - are about to burst.    
   But to continue.

2) As ‘they’ have since time immemorial.  ‘They’: These kinds of people.  Who have not always been Jews, but Jews - the moneychangers of old - are notorious for the scam.  Having realized how an interest-bearing money system can be worked to their advantage.
   At this point, let me answer the inevitable question: ‘Am I engaging in anti-Semitism?’
   Understanding what the questioner means by that - and disregarding for the moment the ‘little’’ matter that most modern-day Jews are not Jews - and therefore, Semites - by bloodline, but by conversion in the Middle Ages and Middle Europe nation of Khazaria by its king (a people who can be traced by DNA to be called mostly a Turkic people, with no if very little connection to actual Semites.  They are called Ashkenazim, or Khazarian Jews.  NOT the biblical kind) - my reply is:
   No, I do not accuse all Jews of being involved with the New World Order crowd.  Nor do I even accuse all ‘Zionist’ Jews of being so involved.  There are some very honorable Jews who could be called Zionist Jews.  They are not part of the dastardly crowd that I am referring to; who are, actually, more secular than religious, anyway; but enjoy taking on the "Chosen People' persona, which fits their innate desire for power.  Power Over (Others).  Rather than Power With, and Within.  
   But to continue.

3) He thought that the final step of The Process would be the equivalent of a benevolent despot in Europe - a king, with powers such as Plato envisioned, in talking about a class of philosopher kings.
   Hey, guys - yoo hoo.  Over here.  You forgot something  A piece of the picture:
   the larger reality of which ‘life’ is but a part.

4) It is also a reflection of the Law of Physics stated as 'To Each Action There Is An Equal And Opposite Reaction'.

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