Thursday, 27 April 2017

Graduation Time

I am getting royally sick and tired of what's going down these days, in the world in general and in the U.S. in particular; and as regards the latter, with particular respect to the failure to prosecute both Hillary Clinton and Barack 'Barry Soetoro' Obama.  Each with their own specific set of charges, with the Usurper's being the more severe, for his being just that; but both of their rap sheets contain the same extremely serious charge. of treason, so they can be considered equally culpable in regard to that factor.  And with the way that the judicial branch of government is acting up these days, with the Usurper's minions taking the law into their own hands, a) one deciding to ignore the state's laws regarding capital punishment simply because of not agreeing with it, and b) refusing President Trump his rightful ability, and responsibility, to 'protect and defend' this country, from illegal aliens, poorly vetted so-called 'refugees' (a veritable invasion of this country; and predetermined at that, by this country's enemies, in the form of New World Order termites), and its citizens from sanctuary cities (and in the case of California, a sanctuary state in the making), it is appearing more and more like the nation has gone completely off the rails, as regards the rule of law.  So I would take the law into my own hands myself, in this climate of lawlessness, in order to bring the nation back on track.  Not only as regards subjecting both Hillary and the Usurper to their respective 'day in court' - and a real court: a Common Law court; no more this Admiralty Law (aka Maritime Law) business, which was part of the hijack of this Republic in 1871, and so that nefarious act will be dealt with as well.  But as regards the need to draw the Play to a close, for having gone far enough now, to get its various messages, read learnings, across.  That process to be dealt with firstly by a Global Currency Reset.  Then to include the releasing of the fiat money/interest-bearing monetary system altogether.  As we really get down to business on this sorely put-upon planet, take it up to its next, and just waiting, level of experience.

I'll put on my Higher Self cap, for a Tony Bennett moment, to address this whole thing:

   The Graduate

Where do I get off
      being so high
      and mighty
As to decide what
      the law is
      and will be?
It's very simple,

You can graduate
              and have
Your own kingdom
To rule over;
                      keeping it
                      in alignment
          with the Will
          of your Creator

                    Join me
In this enterprise,
                   and relate
In the same way
                  to your

              It's the only
              real game
              in town,
        that isn't an
           on the All

         And so it is.

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