Sunday, 16 April 2017

Waiting For The Swamp To Drain

from ‘Will the World be Divided Into 3 Parts?’ - Dave Hodges - April 14/15
(Hodges sees a possible ’New World Order’ come out of this geopolitical situation highlighting a trinity of China, Russia and the U.S., forming a “corporate merger”.  However, he leaves the demise of the monetary system and the false New World Order up to the Second Coming of Christ.  Which event, in very fact, is us, rising to the occasion.  'The Christ' being a state of consciousness.)

Stan April 16, 2017 at 12:52 am
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It is silly for upstanding humans to want to see the U.S. dollar survive the political permutations taking place, and therefore keeping The Fed and the moneychangers/Western monetary system still in place. The interest-bearing monetary system and fractional-reserve banking system must go, to be replaced by a gold and precious metals-based currency; a Jubilee declared, clearing all debt; and we start anew, on this poorly managed planet, in alignment with a higher Will than that of our little selves.

A lot of changes to come. Be Prepared, is a good motto, for more even than Boy Scouts.

as the old paradigm fades…

P.S. Late addition before bedtime:

from ‘Groundbreaking China Study Links Immune Activation By Vaccination & Autism’ - J.B. Handley, Healthcare in America - April 14; posted here April 15

kibitzer3 says:
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Any mother in the U.S. who thinks that her child(ren) has/have never been vaccinated doesn’t understand how the system works. The baby is whisked away immediately and given a HepB shot while being cleaned up; in addition, the woman while pregnant is ‘giving’ her baby a shot whenever she gets one, and a dose of mercury if it is a flu shot – which is now on the schedule for pregnant women. It is all a scam, and a terribly adversely eventful one at that.

We are waking up to it, but all too slowly. Too many people still believe whatever either the MSM tells them, or their doctor, who is not taught the downside of vaccines, knows only what he or she is taught about them – by instructors of medical schools who receive money from their partners in this crime, the pharmaceutical industry. Who all go by the ‘motto’ – whether acknowledged or not – that the sicker the people are, the healthier the economy is.

It’s time for a change. Fundamental change.


And so that is where I’m at.  As I say goodnight to another day in perdition.

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