Saturday, 29 April 2017

The Great Divide A'Comin' In

I got the quote that I used in my last blog (by the Washington Post) from an outfit called the American Policy Center, whose covering letter (to a petition to Sen. Mike Lee in support of his 'Local Zoning Decisions Protection Act') is regarding an initiative by the federal Housing and Urban Development (HUD) agency that is straight out of the Communist Manifesto.  The letter says, in part:

"Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing1 requires EVERY community that applies for HUD grants to perform massive demographic analyses locally and regionally to determine if there are enough low income and minority people living in every neighborhood..."

Got it.  Assigned Living.  By the State.  Quotas for people as categories...

Tell me:

Why does the act of doling out federal monies give federal government bureaucrats the right and/or power to do something in attachment thereto that they don't have the basic constitutional power to do?  That is, to force local localities (hence the term) to provide housing to people based on - on the basis of - their income levels,  race, color, religion, national origin, and so forth??  (Are fatties and baldies in such lists yet??  If not, why not???)

This is communism, pure and simple.  Another word for which is collectivism, of a certain variety.  It has nothing -

nothing -

to do with essential liberty.  With, in a word: Americanism.

Limited government.  Free enterprise.  The whole nine yards on that kind of playing field.

Hear me clearly:

In this country, the federal government can't force state or local governments to do things for federal monies/grants that it doesn't have the power to make them do otherwise.  Now, I can hear mindless minions on the Left bleating: 'Double standard!  Hypocrite!' because of a stance that I have just recently taken in these pages on the matter of sanctuary cities.  My response, for clarity's sake:

The withholding of federal monies from state or local governments which are not abiding by federal constitutional  law on the matter of illegal aliens in the country is an entirely different matter.  The federal constitutional law in that instance is bona fide law.  Not bureaucratic ukase.  The latter is statist, er, stuff.  As went on in the former Soviet Union: the individual being sacrificed to the whim and will of the state.  It has no place in the United States.

I 'get' that it has a place in the ideologies of collectivists.  As with other such matters.  Like 'free higher education'.  Dig it, you little termite darlings: Somebody has to pay for all that 'free' stuff.   And - surprise surprise - it won't be the rich; because they know how to game the system too.  And it won't be the Middle Class, because there won't be a Middle Class left, after you and your puppet masters are through with your machinations.  There will only be a 20:80 society;2 and the Insiders will be the 20%.  Are you sure that you are considered one of them - by them???

You had better double-check that assumption.  For, that is all that it is.

The bottom line:

There is a better world a'coming, than this one, with all of its aches and pains, and evils.  One in which such things don't exist, because they can't exist in that 'light'.  Which 'climate' has nothing to do with Power Over.

And everything to do with Power With.   And Within.

Get with the real agenda.

You will be glad that you did.

And so will we all.

On that side of

the Great Divide.



1 Shades of the old 'affirmative action' days.  Aka 'positive discrimination'.  Aka Reverse Discrimination.  For all of which I have one word:

2 Where the 20% will be handsomely paid for their services to the Master Class; and the rest will be useless eaters, to be done away with as expeditiously as possible.
   Some by way of robots.  Others, by other means.

Further Note:

Am I against black Americans?  No.  I am against forcing people to do 'cultural' things by color of law - top-down 'change' (which is never really change; only imposition, held in place by force) - rather than by an exercise of consciousness.

Take the realm of sports.  It wasn't integrated by the use of top-down legal force; the state exercising its will in all of its haughty grandeur.  It was integrated by the power of financial interests initially, and then more 'naturally'.  Branch Rickey, general manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers, wanted a winning baseball team.  Ergo: Jackie Robinson.  Major league sports teams - baseball, basketball, football - travel.  They would stay only in hotels that catered to mixed races.  They would eat only in restaurants that catered to mixed races.  They would play in front of audiences of mixed races.  Ergo: Cultural change.  Organically.  To say:  From the bottom up.  And then, from the inside out.   Naturally.

We didn't need the federal government to get involved in the process.  And it is

a process.

Of evolution.

Of consciousness.

The collectivists amongst us have a different idea, of how to get people to 'behave'.

Theirs is a siren song.

Don't buy into it.

It will lead you onto the rocks.

We have a better future ahead of us, than such low-consciousness stuff portends.

Stay the course.

Steady as she goes.

The American way.

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