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On Nationalism AND Globalism

from ‘President Trump Said He’s Both A Nationalist And A Globalist - That Can’t Be’ - Rick Wells - April 28/29

Some excellent comments in this article.  Quote:

It’s a comment that has in some ways reaffirmed the doubts and concerns of many Trump supporters, particularly in light of the political leanings of some of those who have been given top spots in his administration. Lately his base has had numerous occasions in which we were forced to just “suck it up,” and face the reality that he was better than the alternative by far, but perhaps falling short of our hopes and our expectations.

“DACA is still granting amnesty to illegals every day and thousands of refugees are pouring into our nation with nothing but two obstructed executive orders to show as an effort to be the President and halt that part of the invasion, as promised. He controls the State Department and could easily change the visa processing or vetting procedures on his own, which would accomplish the same thing as the executive order. Trump’s people, his chief economic advisor and former Goldman Sachs COO, Gary Cohn, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, as well as his daughter most recently, and others, are floating the idea of remaining in the Paris climate fraud.

“That’s a 31 page document, having only four or five sentences regarding actual CO2 levels and temperature, and the rest devoted to the plotting and mechanics of how they’re going to get their hands on America’s stuff. How the “developed nations,” dole out the international welfare to the “undeveloped and small island nations.” It is a complete, utter and totally naked fraud that we have no business being a party to. It’s not a climate deal it’s a global wealth redistribution scam, a globalist linchpin All of those issues could be fixed in a couple of hours yet we’re stuck in the swamp mud.

“MAGA does not mean “Make America Globalist Again,” as President Trump well knows, it’s his catch phrase. The two views of national sovereignty and globalism are completely incompatible. One cannot be a nationalist and support globalist actions, or vice versa. Each is destructive and antithetical to the other.

“It’s perplexing that, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal on Thursday, President Trump commented, “Hey, I’m a nationalist and a globalist. I’m both and I’m the only one who makes the decision, believe me.” Is that the first steps of an admission that he’s changed from a nationalist to a globalist or that he never really was a nationalist to begin with? That’s a patriotic American’s biggest fear and he just added a full tank of gas to that fire.

“Trump was responding to a question on his decision, after phone calls with the leaders of both Mexico and Canada, to renegotiate rather than completely withdraw from NAFTA. We can hope that he just misspoke, that his nationalism, the foundation of his campaign is not in doubt, but there’s no way to be certain except through his performance.

“We get it that President Trump makes the decisions and that he likes to have a wide variety of viewpoints as input and that information comes from people who are labeled as advisors. America, more than any other nation, is a player across the globe, so there are global aspects intrinsic to the job. That’s different from being a globalist. President Trump needs to be aware that the uneasiness exists and statements from him admitting he’s a globalist, regardless of their intention or motivation, aren’t going to be received well by his base.

“President Trump doesn’t need to be an isolationist to be a nationalist and an adherent to the promises and the principles that got him elected. Just stick to America first, Make America Great Again, us before them, and we’ll all be fine.”

Two comments.  

(The first wasn’t posted at the site because a) we’re having  electronic/power problems in the L.A. area ever since that power outage ab. a week ago, with, in this instance, Rick’s page not loading fully to my computer; and b) I keep getting the message: 

“ERROR: JavaScript and Cookies are required in order to post a comment.

“Please be sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled in your browser.  Then, please hit the back button on your browser, and try posting your comment again.  (You may need to reload the page.)”

All that is new; I’ve never had any problem submitting comments to this site before this electronic glitch this week.  Until I can figure out how to get around this blockage, here’s my intended comment:)

1) Well put, Rick.

It is beginning to appear that various rumors have some substance to them: that Trump is compromised, and he is being blackmailed to go along with the globalist/NWO agenda.  Which, if true, means that American patriots need to take back their nation yet once again, from such despotic creatures.

Unfortunate.  But necessary.

[N.B. In the event, I was finally able to make a contact with the site, and posted my comment there.  But the Internet is certainly screwed up here in the L.A. area, since the power outage a week ago.  Is this part of the Dark side's final maneuvers???...
   That.  Or Frontier is doing a heckuva job in trying to get me to pony up for a more expensive service.]  

2) There is indeed a larger picture here.  One can, indeed, be both a ‘nationalist’ and a ‘globalist’ - in a sense of the latter word.  Just not in the sense that it is being used, and understood, at this time, as a title for the New World Order crowd.

The U.S.A. can lead the international ships of nation-states into a, the, New World, as a nation-state; the flagship of the fleet of such nations (reflecting the identities and values of their peoples, in an expression of the principle of ‘Unity in Diversity’).  But it will be a New World - i.e., a global enterprise.

Without the dark aspects of such, as proposed by the Dark forces controlling the movement of things on Earth at this time.

About to meet their Waterloo.  Because their job is finished.  And the crowning stage of The Process - the crowning Synthesis of all the elements to The Process - about to be entered into.

And with that,

The Play is over.  And The Real Thing begins.

And in earnest.  For having been a long time coming.  And before the Dark overshadows The Light.  Or that is, tries to.

Which will never happen; for being an impossibility.  (The Light being the essence of the All That Is.)  But the Dark may try to go for it, anyway.  And will have to be smacked down for their efforts.  So it's not necessarily, or even most probably, all smooth sailing, from here on, into the New World.

But close.

Very close.  Now.


And P.S. An interesting thing happened while I was completing the crafting of this blog: My map of the world came ‘crashing’ down off the wall, with the blu-tak at each corner having given way all simultaneously, apparently.  It was posted under the additional pressure of some small and minutely-staffed U.S. flags that I had slipped in near the corners; but that hadn’t seemed to make any difference for quite some time, now.  I tried to get it to go back up without the little additional pressure of the flags adding to the ‘mix’, but it still wouldn’t hold permanently.  The blu-tak simply failed to do its job any longer.  A bit of a breeze had begun periodically to billow the half-opened blind on a nearby partially-opened slat window; that may have dried out the blu-tak beyond its ‘use-by date’.  But it was a bit curious, that even when I propped the map up on top of some stuff that I have against the wall there, and returned to work on my blog, it came ’crashing’ down (making a bit of a noise) to the floor yet once again.  As if to get my attention…for, as I let it go at that, and laid it flat on its back elsewhere, and finished my blog, and closed up shop on my computer in order to begin preparing to go out for my daily, the thought occurred, and I got a, if not the, message: 

It was an ending of the old world.  Or at least, as it is now.   On the way to becoming - being replaced by - a/the New World.  

What I had just been writing about, in my/this blog.

As I say:


And as I further add to that observation, now:


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