Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Quo Vadis

Last night I read a long article, advert, really, about cryptocurrencies and their value in this day and age.

Today I read a long article, advert, really, about - to summarize it - 'When The ATMs Go Dark'.

Serious, sobering, stuff.

What do I think about all of these sorts of warnings, and hedges against hard times???

I think:

1) They are true and correct.  As far as they go.

2) The answer - to it all - is to live as if there were a God.  And not as if there were not.  As we are doing, largely, at present.

And have for long enough.

And can't for much longer.

With the bill about to come due.

The bill,

on past shortsighted behavior.

It's time for

the Long View.

And the answer to the question posed in my title.

To this word to the wise.

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