Friday, 7 April 2017

Stop And Think

I see that the news source from whence the story comes that purported eyewitnesses to the Syrian government’s air attack on its enemy-held territory say that the gas - sarin or chlorine or whatever it was, precisely - came from ‘the bombs’ was - wait for it - CNN.

Ah.  The Corrupt News Network.  Well, there’s a telling giveaway on this caper.

(Are they still in business?  I would have thought that they would have been laughed out of it years ago, when they were caught with their pants down and their war correspondent supposedly on top of a building in Tel Aviv, during the first Gulf War, as purportedly being under Scud missile attack - to the point where someone sounded an alarm off camera, causing the reporter to hurriedly don a gas mask on camera, and the man who he was interviewing being given a military helmet to put on, before the All Clear sounded, and they stripped back down to their normal phony selves - which proved after the fact to have been filmed, rather, in a studio in Florida or Georgia, I figure which at this point.  And there are other instances of CNN having been caught out in outright lying.)  

In sum: One can’t believe anything that CNN ‘reports’.  It is not in the business of news reporting.  It is in the business of news falsifying, and manufacturing.  It is the old Manufacturing of Consent caper at work.  In this case, manufacturing - attempting to manufacture - a Consent for war in the Middle East.  To serve the ends of the perps.     

Stop and think, people:

Cui bono?  Who benefits??

Certainly not Assad.  He was winning the war against ISIS et al, with the help of the Russians.  Only a dummy in his position would bomb the enemy - mixed in with his public - with gas.  And Assad is no dummy.  No.  The only people who benefit from this caper is the New World Order crowd; led by the NeoCons and the MIC (Military-Industrial Complex).  Who want a war.  Not only to make a lot of money off of it - as they always do.  But to detract from their current little setback, their vulnerable position, with the unmasking of Susan Rice - Barry Soetoro’s right-hand gal as his National Security Advisor - as having been implicated in the spying on the opposition-party candidate and his team, in the lead-up to the elections.  For no legitimate reason.  Oh, TPTB have seized on the excuse of ‘Russian influence’ on the U.S. elections.  But that scenario is a leaky bucket, holds no water, is slowly draining on its employers.  So ‘they’ have needed a Wag the Dog scenario, to take the public’s attention off the real stuff going on here, and direct it to their chosen Bad Guy:

Vlad, the ‘Impaler’ of babies.

It wuz the Russians wot dun it.


A sign of the desperation of the NWO crowd is their going back for another try at the ‘poison gas’ scenario, for its wonderfully - to their way of thinking - evocative imagery, of dead babies and such.  It wasn’t enough for them that they were caught out faking the first crack at that tactic, back in 2013, when their attempt at blaming such a caper on the Assad ‘regime’ (actually, legally elected government) turned out to be phony baloney.  No, they had to try to make it stick this time, for its wonderfully evocative imagery, to get the American public riled up and behind the beginning of their WWIII this time.*

I for one am really getting sick and tired of all of this crap.  I want it stopped.  Now.

That is the sort of thing that Trump was elected for.  But one would think that he was smart enough to figure this caper out for what it is.  And so it would appear that TPTB have something on The Donald, that is causing him to start to row back on his campaign promises.  And so it would further appear to be time for the ‘A’  team to take over.

What team is that, you ask?   

Why, the Ascension team.

Out of this mess.

And into

the Real Thing. 

The Party, of the Dark forces - and of the illusory Matrix itself - 

being over.

Having gone as far as it can go.  Without running the risk of spilling over into 

just another go ‘round, of 

the cyclic


That we have played our parts in for long enough.

Having gotten as much as we reasonably could out of them.

Facing, now, Time

for something


On a higher turn of

the spiral.

Rather than just going back, over and over, and yet once again, to the same level of experience, as before.

And before.

And before.

Stretching far into the mists

of 3D time.

And if you stop and think about it -

really think about it - 

you will see - remember - 

re-member - 

that what I am saying here

is true.

No longer merely part of

The Play.

Cui bono.

Who benefits…

You do.  In

The End.

*Shades of the Gulf wars; when a young woman got the American public to react in horror at her story - her story - of Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi soldiers ripping the drip feeds out of babies in a hospital in Kuwait and throwing them - the babies, that is - onto the floor; which turned out to be the Manufacturing of Consent story of the daughter of a military officer on the other side of the looming war.


As for the latter stages of The Play...

this, from ‘The Swamp Remains - An Attack On Syria Is Not Giving Us Our Country Back’ - Rick Wells - April 7/8
(Rick details a list of campaign promises waiting to be fulfilled, and deplores the obviously false-flag sop in Syria to the NeoCons…)


Stan // April 8, 2017 at 2:58 pm // Reply (act. just barely still April 7 PDT)
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1) Thanks for your comment, Rick. You speak for many.

2) Methinks that Trump is compromised. Otherwise he would have acted on at least 
some of the things that you list. For example, not letting the DoJ charge Hillary with the 
various crimes that she has clearly committed. He seems to be acting on the gentle 
behest of Handlers. We need to hope that White Hats in various executive 
departments – like the FBI – will start acting, and take the initiative out of The Donald’s 
hands. And he can plead to his Handlers that The People have taken over. Which is 
what it will probably have to come down to.

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