Saturday, 8 April 2017

On Astrology, & Forecasts

A friend has just sent me this person's favorite source's forecast for the next little while.  My response:

"Interesting observations.  I'm still of two minds about astrology  (Although that may be because I'm a Gemini.  :-) )  On the one hand, it's hard to believe that the movements of the planets can have such an effect on our thinking and life events.  But on the other hand, there is the fair-enough concept of As Above, So Below, to help us open to the idea at least of our living in a larger reality and context than just this box-limited one.  Especially with the residue effects of reincarnation going on as well.  So - I keep an open mind.

"Hey - whatever works well for one."

What I didn't say, but as easily could have added, was something like:

'However, I wouldn't bet the farm on its advice.  Alone.'

But - and to emphasize the point - it's valuable at the very least in giving us the sense that we are part of a large Whole.  

And, there is the fact that I bless my food...

...and that prayer has been demonstrated to be able to/have the power to heal...




Yes, and there can be a difference between low-level - what is called astral - 'magic' and higher-level 'resonance'.

So yes, one can be ensnared in an illusory reality through such devices.  As much as we are ensnared in the 'life' one that we are already in.

A keen sense of discernment is the key,

to get us out and into the true, larger reality.

Which is just waiting for us to break through


And that is my forecast 'for the next little while'.

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