Wednesday, 25 March 2015

A Dead Parrot Revisited

I have just received another missive from one of the conservative legalistic-oriented organizations that I contribute to, which contains a quote from then-candidate Obama; to wit: 

“We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set.  We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

I remember when I first heard that: living over in Scotland as an expat, and wondering, What is he talking about?  and what “national security objectives” had his administration set??  And then, somewhere in there, I came across his quote about how “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America” to applause, from his mostly young audience at the time of its delivery.  And at the time of my coming across this bit of political theater, I assumed that he was referring to how the Dubya Bush administration had not been open to the American people about all their activities, and this was part of his electioneering promises, to bring more “transparency” into his administration, if elected.  Which he dutifully was, in considerable part because of just such Change-of-direction promises.  But the ‘civilian national security force’ thing still niggled at the back of my mind… 

And I have since discovered - upon returning to my home country, to see what precisely was going on here, and looking into the whole thing in detail; including the Cloward-Piven socialist Strategy to bankrupt the country under a mountain of debt, particularly exacerbated by people organized to clamor for their ‘entitlements’ - that he was and is referring to a socialist takeover revolution, with elements of fascism thrown into the murky pot.  And he and his comrades know it, including a brainwashed lot of college students, indoctrinated, as they have been, by their left-wing professors, who have been operating under the socialist ideological ‘doctrine’ -stroke-strategy of ‘a long march through the institutions,’ particularly that of Education.  And the ‘Big Guys’ know it, because many of them are actually behind the whole shooting match, you should pardon the expression, and are positioned to benefit financially from The Change.  And the only people who don’t seem to know it are the poor (and about to get poorer, under this ‘beneficent’ econo-political philosophy) middle-class men and women who are footing the bill for their own demise, but have been too busy raising their families to notice it for what it truly is: a hijack of the American federal constitutional republic nation-state, and its long-planned-for insertion into a mere region - call it the North American Union - of the New World Order of the totalitarians behind the whole takeover scenario.  

Well, no longer.  The hijack; and the middle-class’s misunderstanding of it, of what precisely is going on.  For, it’s too far out in the open now, to be mistaken about what it is fundamentally: that ‘fundamental transformation’ that Obama talked about, back in the week before his first election.1  This is not just political ‘business as usual’.  Obama and his administration have been caught out in corrupt and outrightly illegal action after corrupt and outrightly illegal action, leading up to now.  And now, we have coming up - ta-da! - the piece de resistance:

the Jade Helm 15 operation.  On the heels of the military officer class having quietly quietly been purged of all officers who couldn’t go along with The New Order of Things because they had made a prior oath to the Constitution, and couldn’t - wouldn’t - go along with swearing an oath rather to our erstwhile Emperor.  

Hell, Caesar.  We who are about to rise up against you and depose you give you the middle-finger salute.2  

But we need to be about this higher business, than the dark business of these traitors amongst us.  Because this takeover Operation is scheduled to begin on July 15.  

It is of course not being billed as that.  It is being billed simply as an exercise.  You know about exercises?  About how they are, over and over, used as covers for the real thing?  9/11?3  The Sandy Hook hoax??4  The Boston Marathon Bombing exercise???5 The Charlie Hebdo affair????6         

I could go on, with background to this whole takeover scenario.  But to conclude.

The fact remains:

* that Texas and Utah, the two states declared in the ‘exercise’ to be ‘hostile territory’ and marked for extra ‘exercise’ attention thereby, have shown particularly deep aversion to the Obama administration’s illegal activity-cum-takeover of the nation;

* that the governor of the state of California - which is scheduled for more benign attention - has stated somewhat recently, in a speech to an Hispanic audience known to have many illegal aliens within it, that “they are welcome here” in this - ‘his’ - state;

* that these 7 southwestern states are precisely the area that La Raza - which has been welcomed in the Obama White House - declares belongs to them, and their desired new-old country of Aztlan.

The picture becomes more clear every day.  Including some nukes that went walkabout, and the firing of the military officials involved who would not go along with the game.

For a game it is, to these characters who would presume to be Masters over us.  Over We, the People; about to be Assembled

to take our country back from these charlatans.

Who don’t realize that they are being used, in a larger Play.

A Play that is about to end. 

On its marks.  Not the marks of those playing dark parts.

And doing a very good job of it.

In some cases, too good.

For believing that they are

their characters.

And thus, will be left behind.  (As the rest of us now move up a spiritual notch.)

Unless they repent.

Which seems to be against their religion.


Their choice.

For, that is the kind of universe we live in.

Not one run by Force.

Rather, by free will.

In alignment with its basic makeup.

Which is a combination of Light and Love.


1 And how come more people don’t understand that he is an illegally sitting president to boot (and literally)?  Even many good, solid conservatives don’t understand how they have been snookered on that one; such is the power of a bought-and-paid-for Mainstream Media - and a bought-off Republican Party.
   As I have just today written back, somewhat tiredly, to another legalistically-oriented organization that I have been supporting financially, in responding to a survey they are conducting about the excesses of Obama and his administration:
   “He is an illegally sitting president in the first place, for not being a “natural born” citizen, as defined by original intent.  See  Fight that corner, and I would donate more to your worthy cause.  You are doing good  But you could do better, in your “commitment to uphold the rule of law”.” (quoting from their covering letter) 

2 Actually, this setting-of-things-to-rights can be accomplished without firing a shot.  But we need to mean business, regardless.  And be seen to mean business. 

3 More coming out about that as we speak; especially about ‘the third tower’ - WTC7, & its having been indubitably a controlled demolition.  Along with the evidence of nano-thermite used in the other two demolitions.  And.  And.  And……

4 Evidence of the hoax aspect of this gun-grabbing operation is all over the Internet; including how the school had been closed and had been opened back up just for this exercise, which itself had a run-through there the day before.  The fingerprints of Satanists are all over this particular operation.
   Satanists.  You know: People who believe that the God of this world is Lucifer; and we should honor him.  With such as child sacrifices.

5 Again, a search on the Internet will bring this scam, gun-grabbing and Constitution-shredding operation into full view - how it was even announced at the site, by police bullhorn,  that “This is a drill…this is a drill…….” etc. ad nauseam.
   (P.S. Hey Steven - nice show!  You Dirty Rotten Scoundrel!)

6 The Internet again gives this scam operation away, for the setup it was: the cop car hitting its marks for where to come to a stop (in the blocked-off side street), the blank cartridge fired at the cop lying on the sidewalk, leaving no blood or cement gouge, and on and on.  Literally: Street Theater.

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