Friday, 27 March 2015

On Looking Back

Congratulations for having completed your course on the 3D level of initiation!  

For the purposes of this particular feedback report, just take your last - and final - lifetime in consideration, in summing up your main conclusions.  And take your time.  You have all the time there is - in your dimension.  That’s a joke, you understand.  We understand that some of your experiences may still be somewhat raw for you on the Emotional level; but we also know that it helps to start taking it all in perspective, at this Report time.  

So - off you go.  See you at the other end, for a wrap-up.

Anything you care to add?

All in all, it was an excellent experience; I wouldn’t have missed it for the world - its grungy parts and all.  I learned a lot.  It was a great summing-up experience.  It took me - well; as you know - a little getting used to the ’your-enemies-are-your-best-teachers’ concept; but in the end, I think I got a fair handle on that lesson.  But I have to say - having said all this - I can hardly wait to move on!  I’m really tired of the 3D level.  I’m more than ready to graduate to the next one.  Bring it on! 

Oh - but P.S.  For the benefit of the next class of pilgrims: Please please have their handlers stop sending them and calling them for so many requests for money.  By the end, I was so sick and - 

Oh.  I think I’ve got it, now.  Was that part of the process?  As in getting so sick of the scarcity shtick that we would CLAMOR, energetically and synchronously, to get out of that stage??  Like a troop of soldiers marching in unison on a bridge???

Clever, you folks in the upper grades.  Clev-er.

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