Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Gaia, Revisited

On a painted sky
Some species of avians
Fly freely.
Holy, holy…

   while others of their flock,
                taking in
    the waning sun
Rest quietly
             (except for
The occasional squawk)
On the shoreline
Where I live
And for now

   and a ponytailed figure
Jogging by
Between me             
And the softly breaking sea
Here, near day done…

Holy, holy…...

Sixty years ago, about
                  this same time
Of year, or
A little earlier, and further
North a bit
I had an experience
That set me off on
A life-long journey
Seeking Truth
With a capital T
                   the truth
Of smaller things,
Regarding my country
Of birth, this time
Around, and this world we
Were living our lives out on
Seemingly oblivious to
The larger picture.

It got me here
       that is

Time will tell…...

Did you know that the ancient Egyptians' attitude towards the sun was expressed in various lovely and reverential sun hymns; for example, like the one being sung silently by these gulls, on this near shore, watching their day end, with the setting of
whatever the sun is to them…... 

In the mean
The sun goes down
On another day
On planet Earth
Where I live
For now.

Holy, holy…...

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