Monday, 9 March 2015

'Everybody Knows'

Similar to the old childhood game of Let's Pretend, let's play a game of 'Everybody Knows'.  I'll start.

Everybody Knows - 

* that 6 million Jews perished in "The Holocaust," including in gas chambers in Nazi concentration camps.  For which there is no evidence whatsoever, for either of those charges.  But they have both been very profitable, both in Reparations to Jewry, and in the way of various nation-states establishing censorship over their peoples, in making it illegal for any of their citizens, or any visiting persons, to deny either of those fraudulent 'facts'.  Thus cementing their control over their people, in allowing only 'approved' speech to be spoken, or written.  Which should be a crime against humanity, with the right of incarnate souls to speak their piece, and not have to beg tossed pieces of bread from the tables of their Masters.  What arrogance.
     Bottom line:  The '6 million' figure was a longtime figure - dating back originally to around the turn of the century, and the rise of 'Zionism' - used by some Jews to try to get a homeland for their people, and not have to be totally subject to The Diaspora, and the loss of political power that that condition entailed.  Nothing wrong with a people looking to enhance their political clout.  It's all in the means employed to do it.  
     As for the 'gas chamber' canard (and others of a similar, demonizing nature regarding time in the camps), I can only imagine that it grew out of the minds of some Jews who would think of such devices to employ against their enemies, and projected the idea onto their c. camp keepers.  In any event: there is no hard evidence of such a measure having been employed by the Nazis.  The shower rooms show every evidence of having been used for just that: showers.  And the 'zyklon B' gas canisters used for what they were intended to be used for: delousing of the c. camp inhabitants' clothing.  
   If you have any evidence to the contrary on either of these replies to these 'Everybody Knows' charges: show it.  But fair warning: Don't try to use either Hollywood or the Mainstream Media as a source of fact in these matters.  They are part of the problem. 
     P.S. Some of the best material debunking these EK 'facts' comes from Jews, who are embarrassed at the dishonesty of those of their brethren who are peddling this nonsense.  Wasn't their treatment at the hands of the Nazis bad enough, without their having to engage in such deceit?? 

* that 9l/11 was brought off by 19 Arab airliner hijackers with box cutters, under the control  of Osama bin Laden in a cave in Afghanistan.  Except that it wasn't.  Although they were all allowed into the country on legitimately-issued visas (and were tracked while here by Israeli agents, er, 'art students'), none of them was known to have brought in with him either nano-thermite devices or some sort of nukes.  Those were pre-positioned by the buildings' security forces, in the dead of night and the weekends (with the security cameras turned off) during the two weeks prior to the New Pearl Harbor event.  Among whose management officials was a son, and brother, of a Bush.     

* that vaccines are 'safe and effective,' and people need to line up for mandatory shots, for the sake of the herd.  
     To deal with the first point first: the evidence for its untruthfulness is so overwhelming by now that anybody trying to peddle this nostrum should be ashamed of themselves - and certainly removed from any position of authority over such matters that they may inhabit.  'And severe side effects from the shots are only one in a million'?  Tell that to the parents of the EPIDEMIC of brain-damaged and allergic children who have been flooding our schools and societies for TOO DAMN LONG now.  Get OVER yourselves, you creeps in such positions of authority. Back to school; where they SHOULD have taught you the first principle of the founder of your once-honorable profession: FIRST, DO NO HARM.  
     As for the second part of this particular EK canard: The so-called 'herd immunity' condition doesn't really exist, with the vaccines not up to the job.  And as for the state mandating these carriers of toxins: The shots are not only worse than the childhood diseases that they are - supposedly - designed to protect us from (with plenty of natural treatments for those, that don't have the damnable side effects to them that the vaccines have).  But the state simply shouldn't have that much power over its people.  That is for authoritarian regimes; despotic regimes; totalitarian regimes.  Not a free people, with a history of freedom from an oppressive state.  Not to be frittered away, for a - seeming - bit of security.  
     As Ben Franklin said (to paraphrase): A people who would give up their essential liberty for a little momentary security deserve neither liberty nor security
     (The sources for true information regarding vaccines are too numerous to recount here.  Do your homework.  I'm not here to spoonfeed you.  You're adults.  Prove it.
     And in particular: Beware of the mandatory vaccine for Ebola.  A virus for which TPTB hold a patent.  The better to control you with, my dears.
     Actually, 'scientific' minions of TPTB have come up with a number of (patented) viruses, and the vaccines to treat them with.  Both designed to do us in.  If ever there were a sign that it's time for a revolt of the Humans against their erstwhile Masters, this is it.) 

* that Thomas Jefferson took advantage of his slave girl Sally Hemings and fathered children by her.
     Or so 'they' think.  Why do 'they' think this?  Because the Bible of the MSM told them so; back at a time when Bill Clinton was facing impeachment charges regarding sexual relations with "that woman, Monica Lewinsky," and his ideological supporters seized on a report of a DNA test that seemed to indicate that the sainted Founding Father was so involved.  Except that it didn't (a whole pool of Jeffersons could have been pointed to, and nothing, including the age and location factors, actually pointed to Thomas himself); and followup information to that effect didn't reach the public, thanks to said MSM.  And out of such agendas are untruths born.  
     (See 'The Jefferson Lies' by David Barton for the facts in this matter - the whole, untold story.)

And lastly (for now):

* that Barack Obama came absolutely out of nowhere, and then, through a fortuitous set of utter coincidences, got elected to a couple of offices, until he near-miraculously made it to the top of the mountain, a total unknown.

And oh, by the way: About that bridge we were talking about…


…and, at the end of the day:

Our souls
Are just playing roles
In a play
            now a prlnce,
A pauper;
             now a male,
A female (or somewhere
In between);
Now of one race
            or religion
        or nationality, now
Of another;
                      and just so
The world turn.

Until one day -
         one fine day -
We come
To the end
        the play.
  And our day
  in that sun
  is done.

And we turn it in
For a better one.

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