Monday, 16 March 2015

Meanwhile, Back At The Dome Face...

...the long slog continues:

from ‘The Terry Trussell story’ - posted by Harry Riley - Mar. 16 (orig. posted at - Raquel Okyay  - Mar. 15)
(“Florida officials, including 2016 presidential front runner John Ellis “Jeb” Bush, are scrambling to keep a Dixie County common law grand jury foreman quiet as evidence mounts of inappropriate execution of Common Core…”)

Reply by Stan Stanfield 1 second ago (Mar. 16)

Thanks for the posting of this story, Harry.

It is an excellent example of how TPTB are trying slowly slowly (aka the Fabian approach to takeover) to maneuver their New World Order into being: Pay bribes to get their way on various fronts of their multi-pronged assault on our institutions.  The U.S., with its porous southern border, is slowly slowly becoming merely a concourse, with people coming and going at will, with no particular [sense of] devotion or loyalty to the 'nation' that the U.S. once was, and our children to be brainwashed into a - the - New Order of Things in their Common Core schooling.  And hey presto - a North American Union is born, mere region of the New World Order of our erstwhile Masters.

Needing to be brought down just as soon as we can organize a multi-pronged counter-revolution to their attempted coup.  Which coup has been doing pretty good, so far, one would have to admit.  Give these s.o.b.'s credit for that.  Which is calling our best out of us, to defeat them.  Hopefully only on the battlefield of ideas.  In the meantime: protect yourselves against these would-be tyrants at all costs.  That means a well-armed citizenry; to cause them pause, long enough for us to organize our response to their machinations.

In that: Keep up the good work, PFA.   

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