Monday, 2 March 2015

On Practicing Discernment

1) from 'The Most Remarkable Book Of 2015' - Joseph Farah - Mar. 2
(“When a Jew Rules the World” – that’s the title of what I believe is the most remarkable book of 2015.
"With all the anti-Semitism sweeping the world,...") 

Careful, Joseph. Even the very elect can and will be deceived. Do not ignore the sins of the modern state of israel, founded and largely run by base beings. There are good reasons why many Orthodox Jews oppose that state. Listen to them as well as other voices in the crowd. And practice discernment at all times. That is, listening to the still small voice within. Not just voices from without. They may be without true merit.


2) from 'The Meaning of Bibi' - Gilad Atzmon - Mar. 2
("The entire spectrum of Jewish politicians from Left to Right expends vast amounts of energy attempting to conceal problematic Jewish cultural and ideological symptoms. Benjamin Netanyahu is different; he is the total manifestation of all such symptoms. He brings to light everything despicable in Israel and in Jewish politics. He is the epitome of everything we reject in Jewish ID politics, Zionism as well as ‘anti’. Bibi publicly imposes himself on America, its people, the American Congress and the Obama administration. Bibi blatantly interferes in American strategic and national SECURITYarrow-10x10.png interests. And he gets away with it.

"If anti-Semitism is defined as the Goyim’s reaction to Jewish misbehavior, Benjamin Netanyahu provides us with an incredible opportunity to observe such transgressions in action…") 
Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University (Mar. 2)

An important voice, to be listened to, to keep an even keel on this matter.


What am I saying.  I am saying that many of the so-called Zionists are merely powermongers who want to rule the world with an iron fist, a la their statist, totalitarian New World Order agenda.  They are to be ignored; for the dark, mirror image that they are of 

The Real Thing.  Coming (thus summoned; according to the laws that govern these sorts of things, every action having an equal and opposite reaction and that sort of thing) to a planet near you.  

And sooner than you may think, given current conditions.

But those conditions are actually

a sign.

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