Tuesday, 10 March 2015

On Structures

My Fellow Americans

Contrary to what some people in this country - citizens and non-citizens alike - appear to think, the United States of America is a republic.  And even more precisely, it is a constitutional republic.  And yet even more precisely, it is a federal constitutional republic.  

The latter of which category means that the federal government is one of limited and delegated powers - "few and defined," in the rather authoritative words of the man called the Father of the Constitution, James Madison.  Now, I admit that that fundamental, absolute reality has slipped a little, over the years, and we are now into a somewhat relative reality.  But since that road is a rather dangerous one, indeed - as history has shown us; or at least, those of us who have learned lessons from history - we had better not go any further down it.  

Which road Mr. Obama seems particularly inclined to take.  So, in order to keep him from being seduced even further down that road - which, you will note from my language, includes not just him in my accusation of what has been going on; for long enough, now - so, as I say, to keep the nation - the federal constitutional republic - from going any further down the road to perdition - again, as history tells us - the erroneous edifice that has been erected, over those mentioned years, and under the Usurper even to begin with, will now simply be dissolved; and we will now get back to said nation's basic structure.


Before - having thus set things back to rights, so that we can proceed on that Truth-reflecting base - the whole structure is dissolved; and we move into the equivalent of a kingdom, alright.  Just not the one having been designed by low-consciousness humans for the world to inhabit now, in their totalitarian New World Order, as in a prison.  But rather the design that supersedes that of the little wills of men.   

I refer to, and speak of, the kingdom of heaven.

At long last.

The long slog out of the - relative - darkness over.

As we ready for liftoff, into

A - The - New Day.

About more on which, anon.

But first: a particular piece of unfinished business.  And here, I speak to the 'conventional' medical doctors amongst us.

Dear Allopathic Medical Profession:

Just how many cases of dyslexia, and ADD/ADHD, and ASD, and PDD-NOS, and ADEM, and so forth and so on, and on, and on, would it take for you people to 'get' that something in the environment was and is causing brain damage?  

You even know, from your own literature, that all those 'LD' - Learning Disabilities - conditions started en masse in the '50s.  Which was the beginning of mass vaccination programs.

Now, I understand that 'correlation is not causation;' the usual excuse tendered in this matter.  So, is there any direct association between brain damage and vaccines??

Indeed there is. And has been all along.  It's known, even to you lot, as 'vaccinal encephalitis'.  And also the condition roughly, and euphemistically, described as 'subclinical encephalitis'.  Both categories, also known as:

brain damage.

Ladies and gentlemen, you have only begun to know the depth of my anger towards you, in your hubristic application of your once-honored profession.

But I'll leave it at that.  For now.   

Just needed to say it.  Especially in this context.

Of a better day dawning, for humanity.

And not before time.

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