Friday, 6 March 2015

An Open Letter To Barack Obama...

…On Liberty

  An Open Letter
   Barack Obama

So you're going to arrest me
For believing in liberty.
                   is that,
                   you say?
Oh. So
It's because
Some people have abused
Their liberty
   and haven't done
    the 'right' thing
   their money.*
So you're going to put
                us all
              under lock
              and key.
A bit like overkill,
You say?

                   But then
Who am I
To point this out.
I'm a member
Of the oppressing class,
Aren't I.
               Over 60.
That's me
    A part
Of Me.  But that's all
        it takes
In your philosophy.
Isn't it.  
     on the path
     of Life
               and all
               the rest
     of the true
     and total
Which makes a mockery
Of your stance
On Liberty -
                    you, who
Have forgotten
    (briefly, hopefully)
Who and what you are
Really; not only
Expression, embodiment
Of The All That Is
But Great Being of Light
In your own right;
The Being of Dark
That you are play-acting as.

Come out, come out
                      and join
 the Ascension
That is taking place
With you.
Or without.
               Caught up
In your role,
            as you appear
To be.


* Oh, it's not 
'Their' money
         you say.
         As in
'You didn't build that.'
             It was on
 'the oppressed backs
 of others'.  Right??
              Tell me:  
       Just way
Are illegal aliens
 to this country
       I must have
  missed that part
Of your equation.


As for Obama, and all that he has stirred up in the country:

I get a lot of letters asking me to sign petitions to various Congresspersons regarding this or that cause, and saying that said Congresspersons need an avalanche of these petitions as a sign from The People for them to take action.  I have begun saying No to their various worthy causes.  Not just out of donation fatigue.  But because all our representatives in Congress need to do is

the right thing.  In relation to the larger picture of Life, as mentioned above.

I would simply ask them to exhibit Profiles of Courage.

And let the chips fall where they may.

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