Tuesday, 3 March 2015

High And Dry In The Park

So my documentarian didn't show up today for her follow-on appointment (some days later; into the next, her last, week here) with old Barefoot In The Park.1 So I didn't get a chance to finish my little discourse with her, on 'the God thing'.  Which would have gone something like this:

'So we finished our last session with my pointing out that, since there is considerable evidence that there is in fact 'a God' - to say as well, a larger reality than just this one that we inhabit for now2 - then it follows for one thing that there is meaning to life - Plan in and Purpose to 'the universe'. Which purpose I described - from the insightful feeling that came to me in my 'spiritual experience' way back in my university days; which caused me to drop out of the formal education 'thing' and set me off on a lifelong search for Truth - in the terms of: 'the universe has Purpose; and that purpose is Good'.  

'Let me finish with that thought, of what follows from that condition, that fact, that state of awareness; and then we can shift gears to any other subject that you might wish to 'tape' me on, in this, your maiden voyage on the seas of documentary making.  That I have been happy to have been your initial guinea pig for.3

'So.  Given that there is a God: It follows that we should, then, be acting as if there were one, and not as if there were not, as we are doing, largely, at present.  Yes, there are various religions.  But those are just belief systems.  I'm talking about fundamentals about life.  Like, our socio-econo model.

'To cut to the chase: I am saying that all we need to live our social lives by is a motive for exchanging goods and services with one another.  Remembering, as I said in our first session, that, given the fact of reincarnation, and that we are, then, just playing, and exchanging, parts in a Drama - the Drama of what we call, and experience as, Life - we are actually One Another; and taking that awareness, and fact, to its conclusion: We Are, then, One.  Facets, fractals, aspects, points of view - 'sparks,' I think we got to, in description4 - of One Holy Being.  Of our Creator Source.5  So that, As you do unto others, so do you do unto yourself - literally.  In essence.  Which gives us good reason to take care of our fellow brothers and sisters on the Journey.  We may take different paths at any given time - and be at various points on our paths at any given time - but they all lead up to the top of the same mountain.             

' But to finish my point, here: that all we need to share goods and services with one another is a motive.  And the profit motive has served that purpose, for a long time; but it has created many problems.  With its interest-bearing money system; which is actually, Money as Debt.  Endless debt-creation, that way.  And with its cohort in crime, or other training wheel - however one wants to look at it - of fractional-reserve banking, it has created a situation where that system is about to collapse.  Which is good.  Since it allows us to create our New Era society with and via another motive. 

'To say: To share our goods and services with one another - and give of our best in the process - out of a higher motive than the one of profit-making.  Out of the highest motive that there could ever be:  Out of  gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning.  Out of, in a  word: Love.

'And that is why I finished our first session on the idea of our being able to do away with money itself, at some point.6  And just share with one another via some sort of electronic credit and debit system.  Which, in the wrong hands, could be a feature of a totalitarian New World Order, run by Force - Power Over - and self-identified Masters, with us mere humans - cattle, to them - peeking out from between our Overlord's legs, and being subject to them for our very existence.  But in the right hands, is the way of the future.  And into such realities as free-energy devices, and replicators, and thought travel, and so forth and so on: features of our Next Steps.

'See, the Dark is but a shadow of, and mirror image of, the Light.  'As seen through a glass, darkly.' And it is now the Light's turn to run things, on this planet. With the Dark banished; to play its games elsewhere with those who are not ready now to ascend with our planet, the living Gaia, to the higher levels,7 out of this low-level plane of being; this 3D classroom, which has also some of the aspects of a prison.

'So, I just wanted to complete my thoughts on the subject with this point; of starting to live our lives here as if there were a God, and not as if there were not one, any longer, as we are doing, largely, at present.  And now, we can move on to any other subject that you would like me to address.

'Any particular one, that you can think of, right offhand?'

It would have been a hard act to follow, I accept.



1 I had mentioned to her, at the end of our first connection, the importance of ort staying in contact with Nature - literally too; exhibiting my bare feet as per example.

2 evidences including the plethora of information now 'in' about the subject of reincarnation; plus all the very evidential material in from the condition known as Near Death Experiences (NDEs) or Out-of-Body Experiences (OBEs).  Plus our physicists now believing that there are many dimensions.

3 It turned out that she was not a documentary-maker per se, only aspired to be one, and I was her first crack at it.

4 remarked on from her sharing, as I broached the subject of reincarnation, that two different mediums had described her as a 'new soul,' thus making her feel as though she were "sparkling"

5 I recall sharing with her that my 'take' on the matter/definition of 'God' was that God was the Supreme-Being Creator of this universe; and the All That Is was the Supreme-Being Creator of all the universes.  That they were in perfect alignment with One Another.  And that that was an example of how we were developing on our individual spiritual Paths: to get to a place of being in perfect alignment (and resonance) with the Ultimate One of our individual soul's creation.  (She had also asked me how I would describe God.  My one-word reply: "Awe…awesome.") 

6 She had asked me what I was reading, when she showed up late for our appointment, and I told her it was an article, in a magazine I could highly recommend for alternative info - NEXUS magazine (showing her the cover) - on the subject of vaccinations.  She asked me what I thought of them.  I said, in nutshell: '"Bad news."  We discussed this subject a bit, before getting into the interview itself.  The main points of that discussion: a) People are not being told the truth about them, & need to do their research; b) she has a genetic kidney disorder, with a transplant, and in her immune-suppressed condition has to be careful not to be around people with infectious diseases (point taken; although it is also true that they shouldn't be around the recently vaccinated with live viruses, because such people shed them); and c) when we take money out of the equation, we will get to pure science regarding such matters, not suffer under the curse of corrupted profit-making.  Hence the point I ended up that session on: doing away with money.  'To be continued.'
    (P.S. See 'Bought: The Movie'.  Highly recommended.  Precisely on this subject' specifically regarding the downsides of vaccines and GMOs.)

7 In the previous session we had touched on the subject of levels of being, after this 3D one (getting to the top of 'the mountain,' to Unity).  I asked her if she had ever heard the expression,'He/she is in Seventh Heaven'?  She had.  I mentioned that that was what 'it' was all about: climbing the stairway to the heavens, going up to ecstatic states of bliss, etc., one level at a time, in a process of integration, and frequency-setting, aka resonance.

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