Tuesday, 17 March 2015

On Judgment

1) from wnd.com: ‘Sheriff Joe Plea: Rein In Obama ‘Power Grab’- Bob Unruh - Mar. 17


There is a silver lining in this huge cloud hanging over the U.S. If the courts do not reverse Obama & his arrogant, not to mention illegal administration on this issue, and thus give him another crack at his desired imperial presidency, that means that the Constitution is effectively CLEARLY voided - and We the People can then pre-empt him and his New World Order buddies in this regard, by taking the fight to them, and booting him out of the office, and taking over, with the placement of an Officer of The People in the office who will declare all of Obama's crap null and void, and get the nation back to the Constitution by the sheer weight of Truth, and Oathkeepers backing up its application.

And we need to act soon; before he does his own Martial Law declaration (via some orchestrated, Crisis = Opportunity 'national emergency' or other), and thereby 'legally' decrees himself The Law that way, rather than the way of a thousand cuts that he is employing now. Which 'way' has already given We the People, with Oathkeepers, the right to take over with an Officer of The People cleaning out the stinking Augean stables of the federal government - along with his illegality [in the office] in the FIRST place, by not being a bona fide "natural born" citizen. But maybe the situation needs to be crystal clear, rather than just clear: that the nation is being hijacked. And we are mad as hell, and not going to take it anymore.

2) Many people say that nothing will be done about the Usurper because of the ‘race’ thing.  Here’s an example of how I would handle the ‘race’ issue:

There is a smart-phone video on the Internet showing a small gang of black girls (at least I think they were all females; it’s hard to tell in a couple of the instances) targeting and beating up a young white girl (and her young brother) - twice, including kicking her while on the ground, before giving up on their bit of a lark.  (It was reminiscent of the incident that caused a book to be written called ‘White Girl Bleed A Lot’.)

I would have them brought to their school(s) with their parents, and this whole thing discussed, in earnest, in front of all of the students.  And I would have them threatened with jail time.  Whether the authorities there ‘on the ground’ (irony intended) go through with the threat or not would be their business.  But at a minimum, I would have them brought to at least a degree of justice, for an example to be made of them, of what will not be tolerated.  

Any kingdom of mine
Would be a kingdom 
Of heaven.  Not
Of an imposter, and his
Imperial ways; 
Which has helped fuel
Just such arrogant actions
And outcomes
As this one.   

As for their ultimate forgiveness
            (for there are always
 extenuating circumstances):
That would not be for me
To grant.  That is for
Their Higher Selves
To do so, at
The appropriate time
For each of them
Individually.  For that is
The Way.  

3) As for the American Congress, and the judicial branch; for not doing their constitutional duties, in reining in the Usurper, and thus giving him the belief that he could get away with his imperial intentions and tendencies………

…I am reminded of the fact that in Central American history, their great white god Quetzalcoatl - the ‘Feathered (or Plumed) Serpent;’ obviously an allusion to his having come from the heavens - had a dark brother (called Tezcatlipoca), who was associated with the concept of a ‘smoky mirror’.  Between them, they taught those peoples many things.  

It looks as though we’re still in the business, of such lessons.


4) (a late entry:)

from freedomforce.com: ‘Chinese Company Donated $2 MILLION to Clinton Foundation in 2013’ - Onan Coca - Mar. 17

Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University (Mar. 17)

Hillary unfortunately learned in Arkansas that power talks, and then Bonnie & Clyde found the same game going on in town in Washington. [Who woulda thunk it.] If she had been smacked down, for one example, for having her aides ransack Vince Foster's office before it could be sealed by the FBI, history might have [been] different. But she got away with that illegal act; and thus, has assumed that she can continue in her larcenous ways in the same town, regardless of whatever else changes. She's a smart gal, though; she has to know that this time - with Benghazi, and now this - that the game is up for her. Save us all the drama, Hill; and just let it go. There's a new game in town, finally. And it does't have your name on it.


But then, that's just me.

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