Friday, 20 March 2015

An Old, Familiar Refrain

1) from human ‘Why Rubio Shouldn’t Run…for Senate’ - Jim Ellis - Mar. 19) 
(I used to like Human Events.  They can’t be trusted, if this article is anything to go by.)  


Rubio and Cruz both are ignoring the Constitution because they WANT to be President! I will not vote for any candidate that doesn't understand what a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN is!

        Doc3 Rattlerjake 4 hours ago 
  • It did not keep Obama out of Office. We still do not know if Obama is or is not. However, Cruz is a NBC, do know about Rubio
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Cruz IS NOT AN NBC (neither is Rubio)! Nice to know you're another individual who is totally ignorant of the Constitution.
Try reading this:Tuesday, March 17, 2015
Shooting A Blank: Clement and Katyal Fire a Dud in the Qualification Wars…
(There followed a long dissertation on the matter, getting into the subjects of ‘Natural Born Subjects,’ and the Naturalization Act.)

It's actually simpler than all that, rattlerjake (although thanks for the info). The constitutional Framers put that particular requirement in their contract for that particular office so that the candidate - who if elected would as well then become the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces - would have NO DUAL/CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES. Like a naturalized citizen would be subject to. And like a DUAL CITIZEN would be subject to. Like, oh, say: Obama. (Who is therefore a Usurper in and of the office, and needs to be treated as such.)

Read John Jay's letter to G. Washington, as Chair of the Constitutional Convention, on the issue. ('No foreign allegiances...only a natural born citizen...') Note that A. Hamilton [at the Convention] proposed that the president should need only be a "citizen" - and his proposal was specifically TURNED DOWN. Note that the Framers were familiar with de Vattel's 'The Law of Nations,' which clarified this whole thing. They knew what they were doing: they were requiring that the presidential office be filled ONLY with a person born on the soil of two U.S. citizen parents. If we of succeeding generations want to change the law of the land on the issue, we can do it - by the process allowed for IN the rule of law: the amending process. PERIOD.


2) We are going through a lot changes.  Inwardly.  And a lot will change outwardly as well.

   But something that will NOT change is

   the Truth.  And our need to have, and show, a fealty to the truth.  Of things.  

   And in general.  

   For it is in alignment with that energy that we will


   Moving on.  

   As we were meant to.

   And as we remember we were supposed to do.

   Before losing the plot.

   And engaging in the tired old, 3D one, 

   that we have been engaged in

   for long enough, now.  It's time

   for progress on our path.

   Rather than just going around and around,

   on the karmic wheel.  The Wheel

   of Rebirth.

   It's Time

   to move on.

   At long last.

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