Sunday, 1 March 2015

Who Am I

It's a slow day; let's play a little game, of Who Am I.1

So: Who Am I:

I have - 

failed to secure your country's borders, so that illegal aliens and Muslim extremists (or other potential terrorists; like false-flag planters) can come in, a) the former to vote for Me, from both lax voting regulations and their enabled pathway to citizenship, and b) so that I can have an excuse - Crisis creating Opportunity - to set up such national surveillance and control measures as:

* a national (or its compliant-equivalent) photo ID card, capable of being hooked into the global database biometric ID system of such as the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), so that your every move, intra-national (expanded to bus and rail travel; along with automobile license-plate recognition camera surveillance) and international, can be monitored and/or terminated, as the occasion requires; this surveillance system enhanced by 

* a universal CCTV system, quietly spread throughout the country and other countries, likewise capable of being wired into the global ID system; this electronic web of Total Surveillance enhanced in this country by

     a) the E-Verify system, which all employers would be required to subscribe to, so that no one can work if they are not authorized to do so (aka a 'national workforce management system'), and 

     b) the Attribute ScreeningTechnology system, whereby We the People can be surveilled by the way we behave, walk, dress, or by other factors, including by how we sweat,2 for Me to decide whether you are a threat or not, to be controlled or eliminated; 

* widespread wi-fi antennas that broadcast not only mind-control measures but health-debilitating measures; and on that note:

* our food and drink laced with additives that weaken and sicken us, thereby turning us into a docile, manipulated and manipulatable herd.  And if all that doesn't do the job:

* the mandated vaccines will, laced as they are with not only the same sort of health-debilitating and mind & body-weakening substances, but outright death substances: nano particles; to be 'ignited' when and as called for.   

I do -

such things as:

* monitor all your emails, Internet searches, and phone calls, without regard to such quaint niceties as 'due process' and 'probable cause';

* consider you a potential terrorist if you are a conservative, a 'Constitutionalist,' a 'patriot,' a Christian, a white supremacist, or a single-issue advocate on the wrong side of such issues as abortion and illegal immigration.

Got it yet?


These are my teeth.

The better to eat you with, my dears.

And who are you?:

The Enemy of the State.  Unless you conform to its dictates.  If you don't: heaven help you.

Which, actually, it is about to.  But first; in summary:

Now you see why 'they' are so keen to take down the Constitution, and move the country from being under the rule of  law to being ridden by the rule of men?  You have no protection from a government gone mad without constitutional rights and liberties.  

A wakeup call is well in order.

Wouldn't you say??


1 echoing a theme I raised in yesterday's blog, when I referred to I AM, and so are you, when you wake up to it.

2 I kid you not, on that one

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