Friday, 27 March 2015

Let Me Count The Ways...

…That The Obama Administration Is Up To No Good, And Needs To Be Removed - NOW

Item.  He is flooding the country not only with illegal aliens - for their ultimate votes, and in the meantime, their change of the prevailing white, middle class, Protestant culture - but with Muslims, from the likes of Somalia and Syria.  
     Syria?  Yes, Syria.  ‘But there are refugee camps there, for those uprooted by the civil war going on.’  ‘But they are Muslims.’  ‘Excuse me?’  ‘We need them here.’  ‘We…need them here.’  ‘Yes.  Besides, some of them are hardcore jihadists in actuality, smuggled in between the others.’  ‘And so…’  ‘And so, we need them here too, to prepare for the coming attack by terrorists.’  ‘The…coming…by ‘terrorists’……’  ‘Yes.  You know.  The reactionary forces.  The so-called patriots, and - ‘ ‘And the constitutionalists, and those who have Ron Paul bumper stickers on their cars, and…’  ‘That’s it.  You got it.’  
     I ‘got it,’ indeed.1     

Item.  The FCC is going to take over regulating the Internet like a public utility, like radio and cable, and thus (as signaled by the people behind the move) will eliminate free speech.  ‘But they can’t do that.’  ‘why not.’  ‘Why, because,,,free speech is…well, you know: free.’  ‘Ah.  But people like Rush Limbaugh can still have their free speech.’  ‘… Just…’  ‘Just not on the public utility conduits.  That’s all.’  ‘Right.  Got it.’2
     Really getting it, now.

Item.  The Republican Party is going along with this whole scenario, because they want a piece of the post-Constitution action left for their Big Bucks Boyos after the socialist takeover by Obama & Co.  Which will last only so long.  Before the reaction to it really sets in.  And then the BBB swoop in, and take over, for the other set of statists, the fascists.  Who are the real perps behind it all, for being in control of the End Game.

Clever.  Except for being dumb enough not to see that Obama and his behind-the-scenes Masters’s best-laid plans for their submerging of the American Republic into a mere region of their totalitarian New World Order are obviously in for a rude awakening, due to the fact that he, and they, are mirrors - to say, reverse images - of the real thing. 

The imagery of which is subject to change
With little notice.
In any event:
I’ll save you
From the fatal mistake
Of trying to make
Two wrongs make a right
On the national,
To say constitutional,
By voting for
An ineligible candidate
To take the Usurper’s place.3

As the curtain starts closing,
                           Obama -
Whatever his legal name is
                   really -
To play his part
In the closing stages
Of the Drama going on
As we speak.
He, needing now
To disappear
As the real thing
Comes along.
                 You see,
If there be anybody
To preside over the demise
Of the American Republic
It will be me
And that will be only
At the superseding of it
         by the greater
Kingdom of Heaven

When this Day is done
And we embark
On a tolally
New Era
On Planet Earth;
       as if
      by magic,
For what it
Is worth.

(I’ll let you in
On a little secret:
It is worth
A king’s ransom.
And a would-be king’s
As well.)


1 On the flood of Middle East/Syrian Muslims, see Tea Party C.C.: ‘Huge Surge Of Unscreened Muslims Flooding U.S.’ - posted by kathyet - March 27 (orig. posted at - by Greg Corombos - March 26)      

2 See ‘Update: Republican Elites Are Plotting To Enshrine Barack Obama’s Dictatorial Takeover Of The Internet Into Law!’  - March 27

3 See, e.g., my note today back to the Chair of the California Republican Party, on the occasion of their hitting me up for a donation to their worthy cause:

‘Dear Jim [Brulte]

“Alas, since the Republican Party has chosen to be part of the problem, I can no longer support you.  A shame, that you people can’t understand plain English, in the (Founding) Fathers’s and the (constitutional) Framers’s description of their clear intent in the “natural born citizen” issue for the (purloined) office of the presidency - & looking now not only to continue to ignore it but to compound it, in possibly putting up such an ineligible candidate for the office of your own.

“So much for a legitimate opposition party in this country.  May you sellouts be consigned to oblivion. 


“P.S. See & CDR C.F. Kerchner (Ret.) for details* you lot have chosen to overlook.  For your own purposes, of course.  Corrupt ones.  
     RICO cannot be far behind.”

* including the paper by Founder and historian David Ramsay, in1789 - a smoking gun if there ever was one 


A P.S. to this posting:

from ‘Scientist Confesses: “Global Warming a $22 Billion Scam”’ - March 26 (orig. posted at - Tom Luongo - March 25)

Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University (March 26)

This was not just about money. It was, and is, about power. Specifically, Power Over us. To make us ornery critters subservient to the power of the state to regulate us. Like cattle, to produce benefit to our erstwhile Masters. And/or be culled to their will. For you are breathing a greenhouse gas into the air; and therefore, are ripe for regulation. Or dispatch. Whatever your erstwhile Masters decide. When Man is God.


The point: TPTB have seized on the idea of Global Warming - changed into 'Climate Change' when the original idea was not cooperating with their best-laid plans - as their excuse for putting us all under their thumb.  Or boot, more precisely.  The idea is to have currency based on energy units, which we will all be limited in our ration of.  And those who won't go along with the scam will be incarcerated.  Or worse.  (What was that word that Al Gore used, to describe 'climate change deniers'??  These our erstwhile Masters are deadly serious about all this.)

It's called The New International Economic Order.  And TPTB (a key unit of which is the Trilateral Commission) are very serious about imposing it on the world.  Because they are deadly serious about controlling us, to within an inch of our ornery lives.  Not taking good enough care of the Earth, and all.  As I say: a mirror image of the real thing.   

(Catch the interview of Patrick Wood by John Wells on YouTube ('Caravan to Midnight').  It's well worth sticking out its 3-hour length.)  


And P.P.S.: This, from Judicial Watch's 'Weekly Update' e-newsletter:

"This administration's Obamacare lawlessness is not just a political fight in DC between Congress and President Obama.  It is about the rule of law.  It is about your private health care information being secure from misuse.  It is about fraud, waste, and abuse of your tax dollars. And it is about the Obama administration's contempt for federal transparency law.  And thankfully, it is also about Judicial Watch, one watchdog group doing the hard work of exposing this corruption to the light of day so, at a minimum, you and other citizens can be warned:  If you share private information on or a related Obamacare site, you should assume that your private information is unsecure, will be used to tag and target you for advertising/government propaganda, is at risk of being used by the Department of Homeland Security, and is at risk of being hacked by criminals outside of government."

The article showed how the DHS has fundamental access to the ObamaCare info.  This is a feature of a government - via doctor requests for private info of their patients - interested in who has guns at home, what meds they might be on so that they can be deprived of their rightful means of self-defense by a dictatorially-minded government, etc. etc. etc.  It's the same as the Common Core curriculum for our schools: getting the children to give the authorities info about their home lives - the attitudes and activities of their parents, to be more precise...*

We are, in other words, suffering under the softly-softly beginnings of a totalitarian takeover of the nation.

But not to worry.  It's all just conspiracy theory.  Innit.

Back to sleep, slave.

* A similar activity of our totalitarian-minded Overlords is how the DHS is involved in the major rollout of wi-fi cell towers going on around the country.  This is not just about Big People making Big Bucks.  This is about major, Total-Control surveillance of the citizenry.  (See 'Cell Tower Problems To Know About' - Catherine J. Frompovich - March 28) 


...and what blog of mine would not be complete without a swipe at the Usurper:

from freedom ‘Ted Cruz & the Qualifications for President of the United States’ - Evelyn Bennett - March 27


Thank you, Evalyn, for this admirable summary of the matter. You could also cite:

* John Jay's letter (July 25, 1787) to G. Washington, as Chair of the Constitutional Convention proceedings, at the time the delegates were considering this matter, in which he strongly "hints" as to the desirability that the potential Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces have NO DUAL/CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES, and therefore must be "a natural born citizen," thus clearly identifying his/the meaning of the term;

* A. Hamilton's proposal at the Convention that the president need only be a "citizen" - and his proposal was SPECIFICALLY TURNED DOWN, in favor of the more stringent nbc type of citizen;

* the paper, published in 1789, by David Ramsay, a Founder and historian, who clarified the intent and definition of the term "natural born citizen".

Nothing trumps original intent except an amendment to the constitutional contract. Any conservative who thinks that Cruz is eligible is simply trying to make two wrongs make a right - instead of standing on his or her two feet for the rule of law, and thus for the removal of the Usurper from the (thus-dishonored) Oval Office. If this issue is allowed to be compromised, by a sense of expediency, that is the end of the rule of law in this country, and the takeover of the rule of men. Another word for which is tyranny.

Wake up, Citizens. It's that serious a matter.


And now, it really is time for bed.  And the hope for 

a better day ahead.

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