Sunday, 15 March 2015

On The Half Domes...

...In Our Lives

To conquer
The seeming unconquerable:
That’s the way
To go
To get to
   the fullness of
The Light.
Like a seed
In the dark.
Upside down
Or not;
  it doesn’t matter
  a seed.  For it is
By its very nature.


Many years ago, when I was living in somewhat northern California - in a small town on the East Bay, for a time and season in my life (another story), for a span of some four years - I got in the habit of writing Letters to the Editor of the Oakland Tribune.  (And got some notoriety for it and them, I was to find out.  But that too is another story.  Before I left the area abruptly, on the next leg of my mission.*  Ditto.)  One of them was a paean of sorts to some guy who, the modest reports of the 'event' had it, had just spent a month - a month, mind you - climbing the theretofore unclimbable face of a mountain down in the Yosemite National Park called Half Dome (for obvious, and remarkable, reason).  Figuring his way up, hairy hand- and toe-hold by hairy hand- and toe-hold during the day, and sleeping in a sling at night, like a species of cliff bird.  And having a view of the world unparalleled.  

I was inspired to think of this memory when sitting on my couch this evening, having a before-dinner snack of mixed nuts and listening to one of my soul-satisfying musical CDs, with, on the screen of my computer, my new ’screen saver’ (or whatever they are formally called) showing.  Somehow my computer got infected this year, and it finally got so bad that I had to do something about it, rather than just ‘curse the darkness’ in some s.o.b.’s heart that led him to do such dastardly deeds.  Anyway: Part of the cleaning and virus-removing process was that the man I contacted to help me with my problem (a local advertiser on telephone poles; a chance, but one I chose to take) put a new, upgraded operating system in for me; and in place of my old screensaver - an angled view from above of the - our - Milky Way galaxy (very soul-satisfying it was, too) - has come a picture of said Half Dome, as the ‘logo’ of the, my, new operating system, named Yosemite.

From outside the Milky Way looking in to deep inside the landmass of America, and from near where I am living now, looking out, is quite a change of perspective. 

It reflects where I’m coming from now too, I realize; in my new ‘operating system’.  That it’s now time for me to get to work on this level, this plane, this ‘face’ of existence.  I have spent many years with ‘my head in the clouds,’ above the fray, avoiding the nitty gritty of life, just getting on with my personal 'spiritual development,' and modest Service to the planet.  It’s time - and Time - to get to work, in earnest.  

As Time is called on The Play, it’s time - and Time - for

the real thing.  

And just so:

It is finished.    

And now comes the mopping-up exercise.  Or - as has been said: 

the Truth will out. 

And if you think the job is too herculean for me - or anybody, for that matter - to clean out these Augean stables: 

Just remember that I have been inspired in this life by the likes of that young guy, scaling - day after hairy day, for some 30 days and nights - of what was before his 'advent' the unscalable face of Half Dome.  

And tremble, friend.  In the face of 

the inevitable.


* A play on the historical fact that California was settled by Europeans largely through a string of missions that the Roman Catholic Church established, in their ‘mission’ to convert the heathen.  As I have been on a mission to convert the heathen of my time.  You, dear Westerner.  To a social order more enhanceable of your highest potential.  But, for now, let’s move on, in this here and now.  

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