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Can The 99th Hang On?

Can The 99th
   Hang On?

In my last blog
I took Obama
            to task.
Perhaps we should all
Cut the man
         some slack.
         See, he
Has no love for America,
                  has never
Had it cultivated in him.
He knows nothing
About Valley Forge,
For good example.*
No wonder he
Is such a failure
As a Commander
In Chief.
It would do no good
To try to refresh
               his memory
               a bit.  He has
               no memory
               of it
      It is not
      in his blood
      as it is
In any true American's.

Which is why the Marxists
Have done such a number
On our children's American
History books.
               They have tried
To extinguish such knowledge
From our collective memory
And leave us bereft 
Of any heart connection
To and for this country,
Being so passionate
About their Marxist vision
For the world 
As they are, and when
We will all be one
Herd of cattle
To our Masters
And their oppressive rule.

A mirror image
Of the real thing
As we speak
Of the unspeakable.


* And the Ninety-Ninth,
         and pummeled
         relentlessly, on
Elsenborn Ridge
In what became known, in
Its larger context, as
                the Battle
Of the Bulge
          and still stood
 (And held the line
 for five precious,
 perhaps war-winning 
 days, until Patton
 and his Third Army
 could come, slogging
 stolidlyly, to
 the rescue. 
 to write home about.
 who still could.)


2) from 'Conservatives in Congress Blast GOP Leadership' - Daily Signal - Mar. 6

Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University (Mar. 7)

Ted Cruz's quoting of Cicero on the Senate floor is spot on. Too many citizens seem to think that this is just a DemocratRepublican 'thing,' political business as usual. It is not. Obama means to "fundamentally transform the United States of America". He is proving to be a man of his word. And who is the Republican Party leadership in Congress speaking for? Certainly not for the true citizens of the constitutional Republic of the United States. Perhaps for those Chamber of Commerce types of businesspersons who are looking forward to the U.S.'s submersion and subversion into the North American Union region of TPTB's New World Order. 

Keep speaking truth to power, Ted. We need - desperately - a CIcero voice for our time. Before we have to go that same imperial route all over again; not having learned our history lessons well enough yet, to stand on our own two feet, as sovereigns in our own right. Not the subjects of Crown or Clergy or oligarchy or outright despot. Like Barry Soetoro. Rubbing our noses in the fact that he is not a legally sitting president ANYWAY; for not being a "natural born" U.S. citizen, i.e., one born on the soil of two U.S. citizen parents. A very related subject, in this whole sorry mess. Of our apparently needing still to learn the basic lesson: that actions have consequences. 

And sometimes, really big ones. 


3) CDR Kerchner (Ret.)'s Blog - cfkerchner - Mar. 7

Class Time: Natural Born Citizen Is NOT The Same As  Natural Born Subject; Are We Subjects Or Citizens!?
"It's absurd to think our founders would base the meaning of "natural born Citizen" on England's "natural born Subject" when the founders had just fought a bloody war to free us from being subjects of England.
Thinkwell sets the record straight:Natural born Citizen is NOT the same as natural born subject. The founders very specifically rejected the idea of natural born subjects, a term implying an irrevocable fealty to an elite sovereign. Natural born subject was a term of ownership and was used, among other things, to justify impressing as many able bodied, but otherwise unwilling "subjects" into his majesty's royal service as possible (typically as sailors). For this reason (gathering up as many able bodies as possible), qualification as a natural born subject was like a logical OR operation, thus being born of either of the blood of a subject or within the king's realm was qualification enough.The founders thoroughly rejected this idea and considered every citizen as sovereign -- we were founded as a nation of sovereign Citizens, none higher than any other. Politicians, even up to and including the president, were intended to be the servants of We the People, the exact opposite of the system natural born subjects suffer under. The founders were familiar with the term "natural born subject" and they rejected it in its entirety.  ... "  Continue reading at:


4) from Tea Party C.C.: 'Obama Publicly Announces His Supreme Authoritative Dictatorship' - posted by kathyet - Mar. 5 (orig. posted at - by Dave Jolly - Mar. 5)

Reply by alvin woodall 8 hours ago (Mar. 7)

So tell me when are we going to throw off this socialist government and replace it. It seems to me that the only thing people are willing to do is talk about it and do nothing. We just need to get around 1 million patriots to march to the White House and demand that obama be arrested. We the People are pressing the Charge of Treason and other Felony crimes against this president and his administration. Then put a government in place that is not republican or democrat. Some one who is for the people and give the states more control.

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Permalink Reply by Stan Stanfield 1 second ago (Mar.7)

Indeed, Alvin. It is NOT a question of impeachment.  That is for legally sitting presidents who have gone astray.  Obama is a Usurper, and simply needs to be removed from the office - or resign, under pressure from The People - and be held for trial (in a legitimate, i.e., not Admiralty Law, court of law, but a Common Law court) on a large number of charges; among them, as you suggest, treason.  (Releasing 5 senior members of the Taliban for a deserter?  That's 'aid & comfort to the enemy'/treason right there.)  
But The People need to know that they have the Oathkeepers behind them.  Any march on Washington of The People has to have that element of support behind it.  Now, perhaps they are waiting for a sign from The People…ah, what a Catch-22 that would be.  In any event: I HAVE to believe that our Oathkeepers, retired and current, are doing some organizing in this regard.  They can't have released the Constitution, and the republic of the United States of America, to a Marxist takeover that easily.  Too many of their brethren have sacrificed, including the ultimate one, for this nation, for them to give their oaths to it up so easily.  So, I have faith that something is afoot.
And I'll be there with you, in the show of solidarity.  And am quite ready to take a leading role in the return of the nation to its founding roots.  But I am quite a staunch servant of Truth, and would settle for nothing less.  So, e.g., as an Officer of The People, I would: a) see that Congress was dissolved, for failing to do its constitutional duty in regards to a rogue executive, and b) oversee new - and 'free and fair' (no more nonsense in that regard) - elections within a time certain; c) nullify all the legislation that the Usurper signed into law, and executive orders that he issued, and appointments that he made; d) preside over a clean sweep of the executive branch's agencies, of elements of both the far (socialist) Left AND the far (fascist) Right; and e) make any other actions that are necessary to return the nation to its roots, in the rule of law.  Not have it labor under the rule of men; as it is doing, too much so, at present.  Having lost its way.  As the flagship - with its emphasis on the sovereignty of the individual - of the nation-state fleet of nations to sail the world into a New Era.
And decidedly NOT the one that the current PTB have planned for it, in their totalitarian New World Order.  Based on Power Over.  Not on Power from Within.  Of 'spiritual beings having a human experience'.  More on which, to follow, in the wake of that current-course correction.

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